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March 12, 2019

10 Things to Do with Your Pet to Celebrate Spring in LA

After the cold and rain of winter in Los Angeles, it’s finally spring! Here are our favorite ways to celebrate spring in LA with our pets!


When the weather gets warmer your pet might be due for a serious haircut. In that case, take them to Adopt & Shop! We do both cat grooming and dog grooming. This can help your pet cool down in the warm heat and it also cuts down on heavy shedding. No more fur all over your furniture!


Fetch is a great game to play with your pets because it works their bodies and minds. Even some cats like to play. Come by our store. We sell a variety of toys that are perfect for fetch.


Going for a walk with your dog or cat is terrific exercise for both of you. And yes, it is possible to take your cat for a walk. We sell cat leashes and harnesses at our store. Use lots of treats to let your cat slowly warm up to the idea of wearing a harness. Then, when you take them on a walk, let them take the lead. Only gently veer them away from obstacles like trees and busy streets.


Set up an agility course for your animals in your backyard! All it takes is some coaxing with treats and some careful placement of cones and ramps.


Even though Los Angeles is an urban megacenter, it is also home to dozens of fantastic hiking spots. Runyon Canyon is a popular choice where you might even be able to spot a celebrity or two, or you can hike Bronson Canyon which is home to the Batcave from the original 1960s Batman series!

Dog Beach

Spring is the perfect time to start appreciating living on the coast again! Be sure to check out Rosie’s Dog Beach, the most popular off-leash dog beach in Los Angeles County. Remember that not all dogs are born knowing how to swim so keep a close eye on your pup while they frolic in the water.

Dog Park

Dog parks are an obvious choice for springtime activities in LA with your pet. Try Alice’s Dog Park in Pasadena. It has 2.5 acres for large dogs and 1 acre for smaller pups. The area is grassy and the park is fenced in.


If you’re willing to take a little bit of a drive, camping is a great way to escape the city but still stay fairly close to Los Angeles. Try Malibu Creek Campground at Malibu Creek State Park. It’s only 36 miles outside of LA.

Going Out to Eat

Going out to eat is a wonderful way to spend a warm evening with your pet. There are food trucks galore in Los Angeles, as well as plenty of great restaurants with dog-friendly patios. We really love Sage Bistro in Culver City.


Can’t afford to go to a restaurant but still want to dine out of the house? Have a picnic! LA is home to plenty of parks that allow pets as long as they stay on a leash. Try Lake Hollywood Park which is situated right underneath the Hollywood Sign!

What do you like to do with your pet in the springtime? Let us know on Facebook!