Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day with Adopt & Shop Goodies

January 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. This holiday is a great opportunity to express yourself and your pet’s unique personality. Adopt & Shop has all the goodies you need to put some extra swag in your wag or wow in your meow!

For Dogs

Puppia Soft Harness

(Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Camo, Tan)

A harness is perfect for dogs who pull on their leashes a lot and end up gagging on their collars. The Puppia harness is one of our favorites. It comes in a rainbow of colors that will match any outfit. And dogs love the soft mesh material for a perfectly comfy fit.

Puppia Vivien Harness

Mesh dog harness with red plaid and bow

(Pink, Orange, Blue, Black, Red, Purple)

Want something a little fancier than the plain Puppia Soft Harness? Try the Vivien. This soft dog harness is the perfect marriage of form and function. Dogs appreciate the comfy padded mesh, all while strutting their stuff in cute gingham ruffles. The Vivien is also a great alternative for dogs who flatout refuse to wear a dress or costume.

Zack & Zoey Under the Sea Stowaway Jacket

Brown dog wearing hooded jacket with back pocket

(Orange, Blue)

Unfortunately dogs still need to be walked on rainy days. Luckily these adorable rain jackets protect pooches from the elements.

Up Country Dog Collar and Leash

(Blue with Emojis, Rainbow Bones, Camo, Green & Orange Argyle, Blue & Red Nautical Print, Camo, Multicolor Hearts, Blue Plaid, White & Gold Halos, Multicolor Chevron, Brown with Multicolor Flowers, Paws, Moustaches, Pink Stripes, Orange & Pink Octopuses, Donuts Print, Red & Blue Diamonds)

Saying Adopt & Shop has a great selection of Up Country Dog collars and leashes would be an outrageous understatement. As you can see, we have every color and print under the sun! Whether you’re looking for a dignified plaid or whimsical emoji pattern, we’ve got it!

Up Country Bamboo Dog Collar and Leash

Stack of bamboo dog collars in multiple colors

(Red & Tan, Pink & Green, Blue & Red, Royal Blue & Red, Royal Blue & Sky Blue, Orange & Pink, Green & Sky Blue)

We also have Up Country collars and leashes in bamboo. This material is earth-friendly and also comes in many colors.

For Cats

Up Country Cat Collars

Various patterned small-dog collars

(Mouse Print, Pink and Blue Print, Heart Print)

We don’t let just dog’s have all the fun. Stop by our store for cute Up Country cat collars too!

Up Country Bamboo Cat Collars

Multi-colored bamboo cat collars

Black & Tan, Blue & Red, Teal & Brown, Lime Green & Pink, Red & Tan

And yep, we have bamboo collars for cats as well.

Lazer Brite Reflective Collar for Cat

Pink and gray cat collar

Pink, Blue

Grab this collar if your cat is often out at night.

Catspia Cat Harness

A pink and a gray cat harness

Grey/Red/Blue Stripe, Black/White/Red Stripe, Green Gingham, Grey Floral & Polka Dot, Pink Floral & Polka Dot, Pink Gingham

Did you know that some cats enjoy going on walks? These Catspia harnesses are a great option for taking an outdoor stroll with your feline.

Remember, National Dress Up Your Pet Day is the 14th so stop by Adopt & Shop today!