28 Volunteers Complete the 100-Hour Challenge

A whopping 28 volunteers completed this year’s 100-Hour Challenge. What is the 100-Hour Challenge you ask?

We give all of our volunteers 13 weeks to log at least 100 volunteer hours, from August 21st to November 19th. This challenge comes at the perfect time. These months are sandwiched between kitten and puppy seasons – when our shelters are full of animals who need homes.

And there’s a lot to do at our stores! Animals need to be fed. Dogs need to be walked. Adopters need to be matched with the perfect dog or cat for their family. It’s rewarding work that gives you all kinds of warm fuzzies, but it requires a lot of manpower!

The number of volunteers who successfully completed the Challenge is twice that of the previous year. That’s an exciting jump! These tireless workers are being rewarded with an exclusive 100-Hour Challenge hoodie and certificate. They’ll also be entered into a drawing for a $200 Amazon gift card.

Thank you so much to all who participated in the challenge. Adopt & Shop thrives thanks to your generosity and hard work!

Are you interested in volunteering at our stores? Click here to apply!