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March 18, 2019

4 Ways You Can Help During Kitten Season

Kitten season is the time of year during the warmer months when shelters and rescues are flooded with kittens. Cats tend to all go into heat around the same time of year and so nonprofits find themselves in greater need of resources to care for homeless cats and their new baby kittens. What can you do to make a difference? Here are four ways you can help during kitten season!


One of the easiest, most low-commitment ways to make a difference in the life of a shelter cat is to make a donation. You can come into one of our stores to make a donation in person or you can click here to make one online. Another way to help out our shelter cats is to donate supplies. We are always in need of extra blankets, toys and other items!


Kitten season is the perfect time to adopt a rescue cat or kitten. All of the adoptable animals at Adopt & Shop come from local shelters in the Los Angeles area. When you adopt a kitty from us, you save a life. You also free up more space in our facility for another animal in need. We have a huge variety of cats of every age, size, color and personality. Whether you want an adventurous explorer or a couch potato, we can find the right kitty for you. Our adoption counselors know our animals well and can match you with the perfect cat for your lifestyle and personality.

When you adopt a cat from us, they come neutered or spayed and with all of their vaccines. You’ll also receive a coupon for a free month of animal health insurance. If you’re interested in adopting one of our cats, stop by one of our stores, give us a call or browse our selection of available cats here.


Fostering a cat or a litter of kittens is a great way to put a roof over their heads without making a lifelong commitment. After all, not everyone has that kind of time, money or energy long-term. However, if you have two or more weeks you’d like to make room in your home for some fuzzy paws, then being a foster parent might be the perfect gig for you! During kitten season, we need fosters for kitties of all ages, so whether you want to bottle-feed newborns by hand or play with some energetic older kittens, we’ll find the right age litter for you. You can find our foster application form here.


Try your hand at volunteering if you are looking to spend time with cuddly cats and other cat-loving folks. Volunteering is the perfect gig for people who don’t have room in their home to adopt an animal or maybe have a roommate with pet allergies. Even if you can only spare a few hours, there’s a place for you at Adopt & Shop. Our volunteers perform a variety of responsibilities, including doling out meals, cleaning out kennels and helping families find a cat to adopt. You can learn more about our volunteer program here.

Kitten season is a chaotic time of year at Adopt & Shop, but people like you can make a difference!