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May 2, 2018

5 Pets up for Adoption This Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate the holiday, here are five wonderful pets up for adoption. Give us a call or come into either of our locations in Lakewood and Culver City. An adoption counselor will help you find the perfect cat or dog for your family!


Hi, I’m Bubba! I’m an adorable pup who’s frequently described as “a little sausage with legs.” The folks of Adopt & Shop try not to play favorites, but sometimes they can’t help it. I’m definitely a staff fave. I’m besties with Syrup (she’s also looking for a home!) and I can QUACK! Yes, quack. Like a duck.

I’m a great dog and will make such a good pet. So why am I still up for adoption? Well, I’m pretty terrible at meeting people. Even though I’m a sweetie, I don’t exactly excel at first impressions. But just gimme a little time, though, and I love you forever. I do great on day trips outside Adopt & Shop, wearing clothes (seriously, I love it), playing with other small dogs and being carried around the store by my humans. Oh and I love snacks. So come visit me today. I promise you won’t regret it!


Hi, I’m Froyo! Just like a certain frozen treat, I’m sweet as can be. I’m happy around my humans and will gladly spend my day by your side. I’m truly a terrific tabby. You gotta love these stripes! And my big, mint-green eyes are simply to die for. They get big with excitement when you come home. I just love the attention. Come by the store today and we can get to know one another!

Morgana Pendragon

Hello! I’m Morgana Pendragon. I’m a sassy cat who won’t do well with any old adopter. I’ve got a distinct personality and I’ll do best with a family who “gets me.” Are you up to the challenge?

I love high perches and lots of space. Big rooms and cat trees are definitely my jam. And I definitely prefer staying in my territory. I only like meeting potential new families on my terms. Come meet me in my condo instead of making me come on out. I like it here and won’t leave it for just anyone. And let’s face it: Cat carriers are just the worst. Please don’t make me get in that thing!

So schedule a meeting with me today. An adoption counselor will tell you all about my quirks so we get off on the right foot. We look forward to meeting you! And of course by “we,” I mean the royal “we.”


Hi, folks! My name is Valentine. I’m a special little kitty. Why? I have extra toes! Yep, I’m a polydactyl cat, also known as a “Hemingway cat.” The additional toes make my paws look like tiny mittens. It’s super cute. As for my personality, I’m a sweetie and adore attention. I love to spend my day playing and cuddling. Meet me today for some quality snuggling!


Hello, my name is Helen! I know you’ll love me. I have a beautiful grey and white coat. I’m a sweet cat and will make a wonderful family pet. While most of the pets thrive at Adopt & Shop, I’m overwhelmed by the place. All the sights and sounds throw me off my game, so I’m not the best at first impressions. But don’t be fooled. I’ll do so well once I move in with my furever family. I love peaceful environments and will really come out of my shell once I’m less frazzled! So call the store or swing on by. An adoption counselor can tell you all about me and we can spend some quality time together!

And don’t forget – Syrup and Garbanzo are also still looking for a foster or furever family. Call or stop by our Culver City store to meet them!