5 Reasons to Adopt From an Animal Shelter

Are you still debating whether you should adopt a pet from an animal shelter or buy one from a breeder? Here are five reasons why you should choose the pet shelter!

1. Animals from the pet shelter are frequently already trained.

Training animals is time-consuming and can test your patience. This is why adopting a pet that’s already trained is such a huge perk. When you visit Adopt & Shop, ask one of our adoption counselors about which of our pets are trained. Most of our cats are trained to use a litter box. Many of our dogs are housetrained. Some of them can be obey basic commands, such as “sit” and “stay” too.

2. You can choose from a wide variety of ages and breeds.

Buying a pet from a breeder means you’ll automatically be adopting a puppy or kitten of a specific breed. However, if you adopt from an animal shelter, you can choose a baby pet, adolescent, adult or senior of any breed imaginable. Each of these ages comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Do you want a rambunctious puppy or kitten? Or would you prefer a calm senior pet?

3. Shelter pets aren’t damaged goods.

“Shelter pets are all mutts. Shelter pets are all aggressive. Shelter pets can’t be trained. Shelter pets are all adults.” ALL of those statements are false. You can find a quality pet at an animal shelter. We promise. At Adopt & Shop, we regularly have “in-demand” animals up for adoption, like Huskies, German Shepherds, puppies and kittens. You can view our current selection of adoptable animals here.

4. Adopting a pet is less expensive than buying one.

Buying a pet is frequently at least $1,000, but our adoption fees start as $150. Plus, that pet’s adoption fee goes back to our organization to help save more local animals!

5. Animal shelter pets are forever grateful.

Obviously we don’t know for a fact that shelter pets are grateful for us swooping in and adopting them. They can’t tell us to our face or write us a nice heartfelt letter. But we feel, in our heart of hearts, that they know we saved them from a grim fate. They show us this gratitude in the way they stick to us like glue around the house. It’s the way they licked our hand when they first met us. We saw it when they instantly fell asleep in our backseat on that first drive home. The bond between a shelter pet and their owner just can’t be matched!