Adopt a Mutt on National Mutt Day!

December 2nd is National Mutt Day. And of course we all know what that means: It’s the perfect day to adopt a terrific mixed breed! Our Adopt & Shop stores frequently have purebreds available for adoption, but most of the dogs we come across are mutts. These pooches are so special. We love purebreds, but we love the uniqueness of each and every mixed breed.

Frequently these doggos are the unsung heroes of the dog world which is a crying shame. Mutts make fantastic family pets. Stop by either Adopt & Shop location on National Mutt Day and meet your new best friend!


Hello. My name is Suzette – the perfect sweet name for a sweet dog like me. I can be slightly shy at first, but that doesn’t last long. Show me a little love for a minute or two and I’m all yours. I’m a super affectionate pupper and will shower you in kisses. I do great with other dogs and walk well on a leash. At only 12 lbs, you can take me anywhere! Let’s go on a walk soon, okay? See you soon in Lakewood!

William Shatner

Hello, I’m William Shatner. No autographs please! Like Suzette, I’m currently living in Adopt & Shop Lakewood. If looks could kill, mine would, but don’t worry – I’ll set my cute phasers to stun. How such a looker like me ended up without a family is highly illogical. Beam me up to my new home, because I’m ready to make my way where no dog has gone before: into your heart. Let’s cross the final frontier together. In the meantime, live long and prosper.


Howdy, I’m Zippy! I’m a special little dog and have wiggled my way into the hearts of everyone at Adopt & Shop Culver City. I have a special medical condition, but it doesn’t prevent me from being a terrific companion. I have a great personality and play well with other dogs, particularly my doggie buddies Hubert and Diva. I especially love treats and toys. I’m small – only 13 lbs – and 4 years old. At first glance I may seem a little timid, but don’t let that fool you. Just a couple minutes later, and I’ll walk confidently on a leash. Come visit me today! I just know you’ll love me!


Hi, I’m Sparky! I hail from the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus. You’ll find me today in Culver City. I’m a Terrier mix and look like I am definitely part Scottish Terrier. My small size, pointy ears and black fur make me look a lot like Toto from the Wizard of Oz. Sadly I keep clicking my heels, but I still haven’t found my furever home. I’m sure that will happen soon! With my scruffy good looks, I know I’ll meet my new family in no time. I’m looking for that special someone… bad witches need not apply!

So be sure to celebrate National Mutt Day this week – no ifs, ands or mutts buts!