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December 4, 2019

Adopt & Shop 2019 Pet Gift Guide

During the holidays, it’s important to think about that special someone in your life, that someone who loves you unconditionally and is, more likely than not, the most excited to see you every time you walk through your door. That’s right, your pet! 

They deserve a little something for us to show their appreciation for all the love they’ve given us this year.  Since your furry friend can’t make you a Christmas list, we’ve gone ahead and done it for you! 

We’ve put together our best recommendations for pet gift ideas for the holiday season, all available at Adopt & Shop. Come in and see us and pick up an item (or two) for your furry family member! 

Wool Cat Beds And Toys From Karma Cat

These eco-friendly, 100% wool pet beds are all handcrafted in Nepal using traditional techniques and contemporary design. They also use natural dying and cleansing techniques so that their beds retain the lanolin from sheep’s wool, an oil that keeps cats healthy and shiny—and they love it.

West Paw Heyday Dog Beds

This bed is made from recycled materials, and it comes with a cover that makes it super easy to clean. The bottom of the bed is made with tough micro suede fabric that doesn’t pick up dirt from the floor.

Vesper Cat Furniture 

Cuter than your average cardboard scratcher, these easy-to-clean cat furniture products are a great pet gift idea for Christmas. Each piece is stylish and sturdy, and is built to fit anywhere in your home. 

Tall Tails Toys and Blankets

Tall Tails uses durable, non-toxic materials in their products that are designed for easy cleaning. All the toys are designed to be especially fun and interactive for pets, and they’re only found at specialty retailers across the country.

Adopt & Shop Branded Merch

The human in pet’s life deserves a little something pet-related too, and if they could understand, they’d appreciate knowing that you’re supporting a nonprofit foundation dedicated to saving and finding forever homes for homeless pets!

The Real Meat Dog Treats

All the meat used in these treats is sourced from free-range duck and turkey that have been given no added hormones or antibiotics. They also grind bones into the treats so your pet has extra nutrition it doesn’t get in some commercial dog foods.

Inaba Churu And Churu Pops Cat Treats

Cats go crazy for Inabu treats, a Japanese company that prides itself in its human-grade, nutrient-rich pet food line. Churu Pops are a juicy jelly that your cat looks awfully cute licking away at. These types of treats are also a great way to bond with a new cat, so you can treat yourself watching them with this pet gift idea, too.

Himalayan Dog Chews

These dog chewables last ages, so they’re great for heavy chewers who keep hacking their toys to bits. They’re healthy, and yummy, for your pup. They’re a great pet gift idea for Christmas, when your dog needs something to nibble away at instead of the new gifts you’re opening!

Haute Diggity Dog Toys

These novelty gifts are absolutely adorable. We can’t get over the bottle of Johnnie Dogwalker or the Kate Spayed bag. The amount of creativity in these super-cute toys is amazing, and they make great conversation pieces (for humans). Go all out with a Furcedes or a Dog Perignon—your pet will be living in luxury. 

Go Cat Cat Toys

These cat toys are very fun to play with, and they’re at a really great price point. Cats go nuts for the wand toys, so you really can’t go wrong. They make a really simple and affordable pet gift idea!

Mendota Leashes

These leashes are well-known and well-loved by a trainers, rescuers, and dog owners alike. They’re an excellent family-owned business to support whose products are consistently lasting, functional, and high-quality.

Lucy Pet Grooming Products

Lucy Pet Foundation is an excellent nonprofit organization that does great work in their animal rescue efforts. Their shampoos and grooming sprays make great pet gift ideas for owners: they make their pets smell great!

My Intelligent Pets Puzzle Toys

These toys are great for super-smart pets to keep them busy.  Funny things like “Dog Sudoku” and “iPet” are cute little dexterity activities for pets that can’t keep their paws still, and it’ll give them something to fiddle when your family are all opening their gifts. Even if your pet is a bit of a dunce, these clever toys will keep them occupied for sure.