About Adopt & Shop’s Kitten Foster Project

The Kitten Foster Project program was developed in 2014 to address one of the main constituents of shelter euthanasia in Los Angeles: underage kittens.

Underage kittens (AKA kittens who are too young to be spayed or neutered and adopted) are extremely fragile with relatively low survival rates, especially when separated from their mothers. Shelters do not have sufficient human or financial resources to provide an underage kitten with the specialized kitten foster care that they require. As a result, it is standard shelter protocol to euthanize all underage kittens that enter the facility. In 2012, over 65% of kittens in Los Angeles County animal shelters were euthanized. In the past year, that number is down to 14%! With your help, we hope to get that number to zero in the near future!

Adopt & Shop’s Kitten Foster Project aims to make an impact on this population by removing underage kittens from shelters and placing them in our nursery or kitten foster care program, where they will be housed, fed and cared for by volunteers like you until they reach a weight of two pounds. The kitten foster program also accepts nursing mothers with their litters.

As a fostering volunteer, you will make routine trips to and from our facility for supplies and medical care as part of the kitten foster program, so it is important that you have reliable transportation. We require a two-week minimum for fostering, to ensure that all the kittens receive suitable neonatal kitten care.

Once a kitten has reached their mandatory body weight, they will return to the Kitten Foster Project to be spayed or neutered by our sterilization partners. The kitten will then be transferred to one of our Adopt & Shop locations where they will await their forever home.

Note: The Kitten Foster Project encourages foster parents to find homes for their kittens within their own network of friends and family. Kitten foster program parents always have first priority to adopt or facilitate an adoption.