Adoption Success Stories: Moseby, Guapa, Chester, Roweena and Stonehenge

Nothing makes us smile quite like an adoption success story. Adoption is an amazing way to give back to the community while welcoming more love into your home. Here are some of our favorite Adopt & Shop adoption stories!


White dog wearing harness standing in dog park

I adopted shy Abe on January 13, 2018, and after four days of getting to know him, decided to change his name to Moseby. It is mostly just a silly name, but it originates from Mr. Marion Moseby, the hotel manager from Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Mo and I have officially had each other for two months now — the best 2 months! He comes to work with me every day, has LOTS of friends (humans and dogs alike), loves eating fresh fruits and veggies (dog-safe of course) and LOVES running with pups both big and small at the park. Moseby is the cutest, quirkiest, sweetest pup and I am so proud to call him my best boy!

-Syd R.


Brown and white dog sleeping by easy chair

After our two dogs died, my husband and I have been waiting for the right time to adopt our new dog. Of course, if we don’t take action, that time may not have come. So I stopped at Adopt and Shop just to look, but I fell in love with Guapa. I loved her demeanor with the other dog she was sharing the space with. I got to spend time meeting with her and she seem very happy and playful. I called my husband, and made him drive in the rain to come meet her, and he also loved her. Since I know a good dog is an obedient dog, we started classes ASAP and we are progressing fast. She has brought life to our home again.

-Sonia W.


White open-mouthed pitbull wearing blue collar

We saw Chester online and fell in love. When we came to meet him, he was more than we could have ever anticipated. He has brought so much love and happiness into our home. To everyone at Adopt & Shop in Culver City, THANK YOU! You were incredible the first day and have been so helpful to us as we learn more about Chester and work to make him the happiest dog ever.


Man lying next to sleeping black cat

We did not plan to adopt Roe. We went to Adopt & Shop to buy some cat food for our two grumpy boys at home. As my husband and I found our cat food, I looked over at the kitties and saw Roe for the first time. My heart stopped when I looked at her. I teared up right there and then. You see, she looked so much like my beloved cat Lanoire, who I had said goodbye to in April of this year. Lanoire had lung cancer, and after 16 years together, I had to let go of my beautiful, amazing baby girl. When I looked at Roe, all of my grief came flooding back, but I also saw her hope and zest for life. Since adopting her, she has brought joy to our home. She has helped my other two kitties move on from Lanoire’s death, especially my oldest, who has struggled since she’s been gone. She is not my Lanoire, as no one could replace her. Roe is her own, unique little spirit that makes me laugh every day! Roe’s presence has made our house a home again.

-Cynthia F.


Light gray kitten sitting in small tree

My kitten is just pure love. He is always happy, healthy and easy to care for and a great addition to my household. I found this baby at the Long Beach Shelter, and he was moved to Adopt & Shop, and thankfully they called me and said he was still available. GREAT experience dealing with Adopt & Shop. I had been searching for the right kitten for three weeks so this worked perfectly for me. GREAT store too! They have so many adorable kittens and great gear for cats and dogs.

-Connie R.

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