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July 31, 2018

All About Dog Walking

One of the most important parts of dog ownership is making sure your pooch is well exercised. You can easily do this with daily dog walking. Here’s why you should get off the couch and take your dog for a stroll!

Dogs Don’t Always Exercise Themselves

As hyper as dogs can be, they don’t always run themselves ragged when you’re not at home. In fact, without proper guidance, they become ol’ couch potatoes. But our pups need regular exercise to engage their bodies and minds. So even if you have a big backyard, your pet might need a daily dog walking to work off excess energy and calories.

They Need Exercise to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Many dogs are just like us and they need daily exercise to keep from gaining extra pounds. An overweight dog is at risk for a number of ailments, including diabetes and joint issues. While diet is crucial to weight management, taking regular walks is also extremely beneficial. It’s great exercise for you, too, so you can work off excess pounds together!

Exercise Helps with Obedience Training

Many disobedient dogs act that way out of boredom. To them, chewing up your pillows, barking excessively or digging holes in the backyard is a way of entertaining themselves. Instead of hours of obedience training, making sure your pooch is well exercised is an easy and quick fix.

Walking Is in Their DNA

While dogs are very different from their wolf ancestors, walking is one thing that they still have in common. Wolves walk to work up adrenaline before hunting. Dogs have the same biological instinct to travel on foot.

Socialization Is Important

Your dog needs regular interaction with other dogs and people. This helps them learn good manners and get used to the company of others. Walks also help desensitize them to potentially scary sights and sounds like cars, motorcycles, bikes and more. All this results in a happier, less anxious and better adjusted pooch!

It’s a Great Bonding Opportunity

Walks are a wonderful time during your busy day to stop and smell the roses. Slowing down and enjoying the outdoors together cultivates a better relationship between the two of you. Best friends become even better friends!

Walks Don’t Have to Be Boring

We know sometimes you only have time to walk around the block, but it’s easy to change up your routine. Dogs are perfect window shopping partners and a lot of pooches also really love a good hike!

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