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Light orange dog lying on striped rug

New Year’s Eve Must-Haves at Adopt & Shop

New Year’s Eve can be a night fraught with stress if you are a pet owner. Lots of guests and fireworks might spell trouble for a skittish cat or dog. There are plenty of opportunities for your fur-friend to dash out the door. Then loud noises from crowds or fireworks might cause shaking and howling. […]
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Person attaching a leash to black dog

Your New Dog Shopping List

You just adopted a new dog or puppy! Yay! …Wait… now what? Now you need to buy essential supplies to keep your new best friend happy and healthy. Here are our favorite items for new dog owners – all of which are available at Adopt & Shop. There’s lots more to buy, but these are […]
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Man and woman kneeling by small brown dog

Culver City Adoption Event on December 17th

Who’s excited for this month’s adoption event?! We’re cooking up another wonderful day of holiday fun at Adopt & Shop Culver City. Join us on Sunday, December 17th from 1-4 p.m. for HOLIDAY TAILS: An Adoption Event. We’ll have plenty of great dogs and cats available for adoption, as well as all the supplies you […]
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Doggie Daycare

Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for Doggie Daycare Right Now

Doggie daycare is considered a luxury by some. However, with great prices at Adopt & Shop Culver City, dog daycare is an affordable option for families that are away from home often. Our daycare is cage-free. Instead of being cooped up in a house or crate, your dog can freely roam our daycare center. And […]
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Adult volunteer with puppy

28 Volunteers Complete the 100-Hour Challenge

A whopping 28 volunteers completed this year’s 100-Hour Challenge. What is the 100-Hour Challenge you ask? We give all of our volunteers 13 weeks to log at least 100 volunteer hours, from August 21st to November 19th. This challenge comes at the perfect time. These months are sandwiched between kitten and puppy seasons – when […]
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Black dog with plush candy cane toy

A Holiday Wishlist from Your Dog and Cat

Dear Human, Hello, Mom and Dad. How are things? I thought I would check in since we’re nearing gift season. I think I’ve been a good pet this year (maybe even a great one?). And since I know it can be tricky finding presents for everyone on your list, I compiled my wishlist for you. […]
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Tattooed arm holding small orange and white dog

Adopt a Mutt on National Mutt Day!

December 2nd is National Mutt Day. And of course we all know what that means: It’s the perfect day to adopt a terrific mixed breed! Our Adopt & Shop stores frequently have purebreds available for adoption, but most of the dogs we come across are mutts. These pooches are so special. We love purebreds, but […]
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Gift Card

Holiday Deal: Buy a $25 Gift Card and Get a $5 off Coupon

A little for you, a lot for them: Buy a $25 gift card for someone on your shopping list and receive a $5 off coupon! Stop by our stores today! Offer valid through December 31, 2017, on one single purchase. Discount taken at the time of purchase in store. Offer not valid on Acana© and […]
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