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Best Dog Toys

5 of the Best Dog Toys for 2019

Looking for a cool new toy for your dog? Boy, have we got a list for you! Here are five of the best dog toys for 2019. Kong You just can’t beat a Kong. Whether your dog is a casual or heavy chewer, they’ll love this toy. The design is super simple. Kongs are basically […]
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healthy dog poop

What Should Healthy Dog Poop Look Like?

While it’s not the most pleasant of tasks, one of the best ways to gauge your dog’s health is to take a look at their stool. So the next time you’re out on a walk with your furry best friend, examine their bowel movement. You might be wondering, “What should healthy dog poop look like?” […]
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dog behavior 101

Dog Behavior 101

Maybe you’re new to dog ownership and you’re having trouble decoding dog behavior. Or maybe you’ve had your pup for quite some time now, but you can’t seem to figure out just why they’re doing something. This is normal! Dogs aren’t humans and so sometimes their behavior can seem a little weird. Here’s our guide […]
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clear the shelters

Clear the Shelters With Adopt & Shop August 17

Help us Clear the Shelters on Saturday, August 17. NBC- and Telemundo-owned stations are partnering with hundreds of shelters around the country to adopt out as many pets as possible on that day. The result is a massive, nationwide pet adoption drive that will change the lives of animals! Clear the Shelters Day has helped […]
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check your microchip

How to Check Your Pet’s Microchip

Check the Chip Day is on August 15. This holiday was co-created by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to help remind people to microchip their pets and make sure the microchip is properly registered. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about microchips (no, they’re not a GPS). […]
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pets diet and nutrition

Should You Change Your Pet’s Diet During the Summer?

As people, sometimes our eating habits and body weight fluctuate during the summer. Usually this can be attributed to increases or decreases in our activity level or caloric intake. These changes can also happen to our pets. Warmer weather sometimes brings with it a need to feed your pet more or less food to meet […]
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dog sunscreen

Cat and Dog Sunscreen Safety

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, you might wonder if your pets need sunscreen. The answer is yes! Even if you have an indoor pet, your animal might benefit from cat or dog sunscreen. Here are some quick facts about sun protection for pets. Why Do Pets Need Sunscreen? Even though […]
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keep cool in the summer

11 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

It’s summer! That means the weather’s hot in Los Angeles and pet parents are looking for ways to keep themselves and their animals from overheating. Here are 11 ways to keep your pets cool! Stay Inside We know it’s sunny out and it’s tempting to be outside, but scorching temperatures are rough on our furry […]
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pet-friendly hotels in los angeles

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

At Adopt & Shop, we think any trip is better if our pets come along. Sure, you can leave them at home at a kennel or with a pet sitter, but vacations are wonderful with our four-legged besties in tow. And luckily there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels in Los Angeles! We did our research, […]
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Lost Pet Prevention

5 Tips for Lost Pet Prevention

It’s every pet parent’s worst nightmare: Getting separated and realizing your animal is lost. So how can you prevent it? Here are five ways to prevent a lost pet! Stay Home It seems so simple, doesn’t it? But one of the easiest ways to keep you and your pet from getting separated is to stay […]
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