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11 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

It’s summer! That means the weather’s hot in Los Angeles and pet parents are looking for ways to keep themselves and their animals from overheating. Here are 11 ways to keep your pets cool! Stay Inside We know it’s sunny out and it’s tempting to be outside, but scorching temperatures are rough on our furry […]
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The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

At Adopt & Shop, we think any trip is better if our pets come along. Sure, you can leave them at home at a kennel or with a pet sitter, but vacations are wonderful with our four-legged besties in tow. And luckily there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels in Los Angeles! We did our research, […]
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5 Tips for Lost Pet Prevention

It’s every pet parent’s worst nightmare: Getting separated and realizing your animal is lost. So how can you prevent it? Here are five ways to prevent a lost pet! Stay Home It seems so simple, doesn’t it? But one of the easiest ways to keep you and your pet from getting separated is to stay […]
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Calming Aids for Pets Who Need to Chill Out

It’s not unusual for dogs or cats to have periods when they experience anxiety. However, if their anxiety is prolonged or making them completely miserable, it might be time to look into calming aids. New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July are particularly difficult for pets because of fireworks, parades and strangers in the […]
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Pet Travel 101

Traveling in general is super stressful. And it just gets more stressful when you factor in bringing a pet. Which mode of travel you choose when traveling with your dog or cat depends on you and your pet. Your pet’s well-being should be the ultimate deciding factor, not what is most convenient for you. For […]
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The Best Outdoor Activities in Los Angeles

Spring is upon us! The weather is warmer, the birds are chirping and our pets are begging to go outside. Not sure what to do? Here are our favorite outdoor activities in Los Angeles! Walking Walking is excellent exercise for you and your pet, whether you have a dog or cat. And yes, cats can […]
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The Basics of Owning a New Dog

Congratulations on your new dog and for saving a life! We have provided you with all the information we have on your new pet. Unfortunately, we don’t always have a complete background on our animals. We pull our adoptable pets from shelters in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, so sometimes we know very little about […]
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Diary of a Kitten Foster Parent

Here is a day in the life of Sydney, one of our kitten foster parents. She is currently fostering two kittens, Morty and Tank. This is what her average day is like! Morning Food prep: First I make the kittens’ food for the day. My kittens each eat about half a can of wet food […]
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10 Safety Tips for Car Travel With Your Pet

The idea of going on a vacation with your four-legged bestie sounds great in theory. After all, everything is more fun with your cat or dog in tow. But traveling long distances with your pet can be a huge hassle for both of you. However, by taking the right steps, you can pull off a […]
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Your Flea and Tick Prevention Guide

Southern California is known for its temperate weather which also means that fleas and ticks are a common problem for cats and dogs here year round. Not only are fleas a nuisance for your pet, but they can also become a health issue by transmitting parasites such as tapeworm. By taking preventative measures, such as […]
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