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The 10 Best Dog-Friendly Hikes in Los Angeles

One of the best parts of living in Los Angeles is all the amazing hiking trails. Even though it’s an urban paradise, LA is home to some of the best trails in Southern California. Here are the 10 best dog-friendly hikes in Los Angeles! Runyon Canyon Runyon Canyon is THE place to go hiking in […]
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10 Pet Ailment Solutions You Can Find at Adopt & Shop

Animal ownership comes with a variety of common pet ailments, from upset stomachs to runny eyes. But at Adopt & Shop, we don’t just offer pet supplies, we also offer pet solutions. Some of these everyday problems, such as itchy skin and excessive shedding, have easy fixes that you can find at our stores in […]
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How to Bathe a Dog in 10 Easy Steps

Regular grooming and bathing keep your dog looking dapper, but are also beneficial for their health. Unfortunately, if you’re new to dog bathing, you might end up drenched and stressed out beyond belief. Here’s how to bathe a dog without soaking your bathroom! Supplies Three towels. Yep, you’ll want three. The first you’ll keep on […]
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10 Things Every Shelter Dog Wants for the Holidays

Here at Adopt & Shop, all of our pups are pulled from local Los Angeles-area shelters. These shelter dogs are looking for new families and their adoption fees help us save more great homeless pets. We have dogs of all sizes, ages and personalities so come to Adopt & Shop when you’re ready to add […]
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Great Pet Toys From Adopt & Shop for the Pawlidays!

Do all your pawliday shopping at Adopt & Shop! This year we have the very best pet toys in stock. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite brands! CocoChew CocoChew’s environmentally-friendly toys are made with all-natural coconut husks. All toys are made on sustainable farms in the Philippines and are super effective […]
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5 Pet Movies You’ll Love

The weather is getting colder and chilly evenings call for only one thing: movie night! And there’s nothing we love more than a good movie about cats and dogs. Humans have such a special bond with their pets and it makes sense that this bond makes such a good subject for film. Here are five […]
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Volunteer in Los Angeles at Adopt & Shop

Want to volunteer in Los Angeles? Look no further than Adopt & Shop, located in Culver City and Lakewood. We’re the perfect place for animal lovers to give back to the community. Read on to learn more about our volunteer opportunities in the Los Angeles area. Volunteer Opportunities in Los Angeles No matter your skill […]
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4 Ways to Help Pets Affected by the California Fire

It’s easy to feel helpless during fires. And unfortunately, right now shelters are crammed with animals who were forced from their homes. However, here are four ways you can help pets affected by the California fire. Adopt a Pet If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, now is the time! We pull all of our […]
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How to Choose a Cat to Adopt

Picture it: You arrive at Adopt & Shop. You’re surrounded by dozens of the cutest felines you’ve ever seen. How do you choose? Should you get a cat or a kitten? One cat or two? What about their personality? Before you have a full-on panic attack, take a deep breath. We’re here to help. Our […]
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