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November 9, 2017

Celebrate National Senior Pet Month by Adopting Senior Pets!

Happy National Senior Pet Month! November is a great time to show senior pets some TLC. Sure puppies and kittens are cute, but senior pets come with a lot of perks. They’re frequently more mellow than their younger counterparts. Plus, you don’t have to housetrain them. Here are some of the senior pets currently available for adoption at our Culver City store.


My name is BeeGees. Much like certain members of a certain music group, I too have a cute little beard. I’m a Terrier mix and only weigh 15 lbs. At 7 years of age, I have plenty of life left in me.

I’m a well-rounded dog. I’m energetic sometimes and other times I am very calm. I guess you could say that I have a medium energy level. I’m also very good with other dogs. I would do great in a home with more than one canine and would love trips to the dog park. I would also be happy as your one and only pet though as well. Make me a part of your family today!


I’m Bamboo – the sassy and energetic little lady that loves to meet new people.  I’m an itty bitty 7-year-old pooch. Topping the scale a wee 9 lbs, I’d do fine in an apartment. I like learning new things and getting treats as a reward. I bet you could teach me a lot of tricks! I’m always up for an adventure. You’re guaranteed to have a tail-waggingly good time with me by your side. If you’d like to start your adventure with me, come see me today at Adopt & Shop.

Coco aka Queen Coco

Hey, I’m Coco and I’m not like other senior pets. I have loads of personality and attitude to spare. I’m 8 years old. That’s old enough to be litter-trained but young enough that you’d have many happy years with me.

I’m punk rock. Think of me as your orange Joan Jett or Debbie Harry. Just like those rockstars, I’m a liberated lady and independent woman. I’m not much of a cuddler or lap cat. I don’t need that kind of attention like other needy cats. You let me go on my way and I’ll let you do your own thing.

I’m such a rockstar that I even have my own personal backscratcher. It’s an actual backscratcher that the cool and loving people at Adopt & Shop use to scratch my butt. Traditional petting and cuddling just isn’t my cup of tea. But man, I love that backscratcher.

And have I mentioned I’m gorgeous? Folks swoon over my beautiful orange fur and big white belly. I’m a large kitty but that means there’s more of me to love. That’s just another thing that makes me so unique!

Let’s cut to the chase: I want an owner who “gets me.” This rockstar ain’t no ordinary cat. I’m one-of-a-kind. I’m the type of cat that gives you plenty of hilarious stories to tell your friends. At the very least, I deserve my own Twitter and Instagram accounts. So bring me home today!…Plus, Adopt & Shop will even throw in the backscratcher for free.