Clear the Shelters With Adopt & Shop August 17

Help us Clear the Shelters on Saturday, August 17. NBC- and Telemundo-owned stations are partnering with hundreds of shelters around the country to adopt out as many pets as possible on that day. The result is a massive, nationwide pet adoption drive that will change the lives of animals! Clear the Shelters Day has helped more than 250,000 animals get adopted since 2015. More than 1,200 shelters and counting have signed up to participate!

Why Adopt During the Summer?

Summer is actually the busiest time of year for shelters and rescues making it perfect for Clear the Shelters Day! Why? One of the top reasons to adopt during the summer is Kitten Season. During the warmer months unaltered female cats go into heat. Many of them, having mated, then get pregnant. Sixty days later, these female cats all give birth to litters of kittens. The kittens have nowhere to go and end up at shelters and rescues just like Adopt & Shop.

This is why shelters and rescues are packed with kittens during the warmer months. These babies need food, medical care and a roof over their heads. One of the best ways to help rescues and shelters during this time is to adopt an animal. When you adopt a kitten or any other type of pet, you save a life. You also free up space in the shelter or rescue so another animal can be saved. Furthermore, the adoption fee you pay goes back to helping rescue more pets.

Another great reason to adopt on Clear the Shelters Day is the 4th of July. You may associate this holiday with family and fun, but unfortunately it’s a tough time for shelters and rescues. In fact, more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year. And where do they end up? They go to a shelter. While some of these pets are happily reunited with their families, many are left unclaimed and need to find new homes. These pets, in addition to summer kittens, put an enormous strain on shelters.

By adopting on Clear the Shelters Day, you are helping to ease the tremendous burden on shelters and rescues during this trying time of year. Summer is our “busy season” and we are eager to match as many wonderful pets with their forever families. Click here to see our current selection of adoptable cats and dogs!

Ask About Our Reduced Fees

Why else should you adopt during the summer? Adoption is extra affordable this time of year! We have reduced adoption fees — call or stop by one of our stores to ask about our adoption promotions. We also are providing all new adopters with a number of great discounts that they can use after bringing home their new family member. These include a FREE day of dog daycare, 15% off an Adopt & Shop purchase, 50% off a Bath & Brush, 30% off a Cut & Style and more. These discounts are available to new adopters who have adopted from any shelter or rescue, so tell your friends. All you need is proof of adoption to get these great savings!

These promotions are only available for new adopters, so Clear the Shelters Day is the perfect time to adopt a cat, kitten, dog or puppy. Click here for the coupons!