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February 22, 2018

Come to Adopt & Shop for Walking the Dog Day

February 22 is Walking the Dog Day. So what’s a dog-parent to do? Come to Adopt & Shop of course! We have all the gear you need for a great walk, hike or run with your favorite furry friend.

Collar and Leash

If you’re looking for a new collar, Adopt & Shop is the place to go. We carry a variety of dog collars from different brands. One of our favorites is Up Country and boy, do we have a huge selection of Up Country Collars. They come in a zillion different colors and prints. We even offer ones in earth-friendly bamboo!

What’s even more awesome is we also carry matching leashes. Whether you are craving a basic solid color, dapper plaid or a whimsical emoji print, we’ve got the leash and collar for you!


Webbed dog harnesses in multiple colors

Some dogs aren’t very good on a leash – either they’re headstrong or just simply a little over enthusiastic! Well don’t you worry. No one’s perfect so we won’t hold it against them. We’ve got the solution for you too. In addition to an extensive selection of collars, we also carry dog harnesses. These babies keep your dog from gagging every time they tug on the leash. We offer ones that wrap around your pup’s chest or ones that go around your dog’s head. They both discourage pulling, resulting in a more pleasant walking experience for pooches and owners alike.

We carry basic affordable harnesses made of webbing, just like our leashes. Those come in a bunch of colors. Then if you want an upgrade, we also offer fantastic soft harnesses from Puppia. They’re unbelievably cozy. These mesh wonders also come in every color of the rainbow. We also carry camo ones! And if you’re feeling super extra, we also carry the “Vivien” harness. This beauty combines some of our favorite fancy fashions: ruffles, gingham and bows! Oh my!

ID Tags and Microchips

Aluminum dog tags in a bone shape

Plan for the worst-case scenario by making sure your dog is outfitted with an ID tag and microchip. These are the best ways to make sure your pet can find their way back to you after getting lost!

Zack & Zoey Under the Sea Stowaway Jacket

Even sunny SoCal sometimes sees bad weather. And unfortunately dogs that hate rain still need to go for a walk everyday. Luckily this jacket from Zack & Zoey is to the rescue. It’s super cute, comes in orange and blue and keeps your pooch dry.

The Poopcase by Metropaws

Poop bag clip-on carriers in multiple colors

Picking up poop is a fact of life when you’re a dog owner. And nothing is worse than realizing you don’t have a poop bag on hand. Well wave those troubles goodbye with the Poopcase from Metropaws. It’s sleek and comes in an array of colors. Naturally, it also comes with poop bags so you’ll never look like a bad neighbor by failing to clean up after your dog. We also offer bag refills for when you run out!

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate Walking the Dog Day in style. Stop by the store, pick up some gear and get out there and WALK!