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Full Service Dog Grooming in Culver City

Grooming hours for our Culver City location:

By Appointment, Thursday to Sunday  9 am – 5 pm 

Bath & Brush Dog Grooming Service

The groomer will bathe and brush your dog, condition their coat and apply a pleasant-smelling finishing spritz.


Oxygen-infused bath
Shampoo and Conditioners
Blow dry + 15 Minute brush
Nail trimming
Ear cleaning
Anal gland expression

Signature Styling Service

Our trained stylists will shape and cut your dog’s coat to according to breed type, or customize a style that you like.


Scissor cut and clipper styling
Shaving pads and sanitary trim
Oxygen-infused bath + Blow dry
Shampoo and Conditioners
Nail Trimming + Ear Cleaning
Anal gland expression

Bath & BrushShort CoatLong Coat
Petite (up to 20 lbs.)$35$40
Small (21-40 lbs.)$40$50
Medium (41-60 lbs.)$50$60
Large (+61 lbs. & Poodles)$60*$70*
Signature Styling
Petite (up to 20 lbs.)$60
Small (21-40 lbs.)$70
Medium (41-60 lbs.)$80
Large (+61 lbs. & Poodles)$90
Vaccinations & Health Requirements

Proof of vaccination for Rabies needed for all grooming clients. 

Adopt and Shop

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Monday – Friday:
By Appointment Only

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By Appointment Only

Grooming Hours

Thursday – Sunday:
9 am to 4 pm

Humans frequently bathe and groom themselves. It’s how we feel confident, and stay healthy and hygienic. It’s only natural, then, to bathe and groom your dog frequently. It’s incredibly important to keep your dog’s fur clean, their fingernails clipped neatly, and their teeth cleaned. With the dog grooming services from Adopt & Shop in Culver City, you can trust that your dog will be in the best hands, and experience a luxurious grooming! Our premier dog grooming services include oxygen-infused baths, shampooing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, shaving, hair trim, and anal gland expression! 

At Adopt & Shop, we believe that regularly grooming and maintaining pet hygiene is important for every owner. To encourage frequent grooming and upkeep, we keep our prices low, and our services thorough to encourage regular pet grooming! It has never been easier to groom your dog, and maintain good hygiene practices. 

Contact us to learn more about our dog grooming services, and help your pet stay healthy and vibrant! Let us help you pet stay healthy and beautiful. Have peace of mind knowing that your pets are in the hands of the best dog groomers in Culver City!