DOGA (Dog Yoga!) at Adopt & Shop Culver City

What the Heck is Dog Yoga?!

Doga is exactly what it sounds like! Dog + Yoga = Doga. It’s Yoga with Aimee Hyatt, yoga extraordinaire of DogaFit. This class is a great opportunity to bond with your pooch while simultaneously improving your physical and mental health. You’ll work on yoga poses as well as learn dog massage techniques that your pup will love.

We just ask that only dog-friendly and people-friendly dogs attend. As long as your pooch is good with other canines and is updated on their rabies vaccine, they are welcome to attend.

Where Is This Happening?

This is a fun event for the new year at our Culver City location, and the second of its kind at our store. It’s being held in our spacious daycare room located behind our adoptable cats and kittens. The area features lots of natural light and is perfect for a morning of zenful yoga practice.

I’m Not Flexible. Am I Going to Look Ridiculous?

Nope! This is a friendly and relaxed class and people and dogs of all flexibility levels are more than welcome. Everyone and their pets are at different levels with their yoga practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or complete beginner. And just like humans, dogs have a range of fitness levels and abilities. Just take it slow and enjoy!

What Should I Bring?

Here’s a list of what you should bring. There’s no need to bring a water bowl or bottle. We’ll provide water for dogs and their humans.

  • Yoga mat
  • Towel
  • Comfy clothes
  • Your leashed and (well-mannered) dog
  • Physical copy of your dog’s rabies vaccination or a digital copy on your phone

Tell Me More?

Doga is a bonding experience that creates a much stronger connection between you and your pet than a simple walk or sitting in front of the TV. It provides much of the same benefits for both pup and owner since it is a partnered activity. Both participants are guided through gentle acts of meditation, breathing techniques, massage and careful stretching. All these components lead to a heightened sense of relaxation and calm – all leading to greater harmony with your four-legged buddy!

Dogs feed off our emotions. When we’re anxious, our dogs are anxious. When we are relaxed, our dogs are relaxed. They’re like our own furry biofeedback machines. Strengthening this union in a fun and playful way is what makes Aimee’s classes so special. She creates a safe no-pressure environment for participants. Folks can just relax and let go, giving both the yogi and dogi an opportunity to bond like never before.

A Reminder

Make sure to arrive early! The space can only accomodate 25 people and their dogs, so tickets for the class are first come, first served.