Donate To Help Special Medical Cases!

Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop is a store with a unique mission: Saving Pets. Enriching Lives. All of our pets come from local shelters and sometimes we take in special cases that need some extra care.

Right now we have one pup and two kittens that required very expensive surgeries, costing $7,500 in total. Without donations we are not able to cover all the costs, so we are asking for your help!


Seth can only be described as the perfect best friend. He is normally a happy-go-lucky pup whose shine has been dimmed by a Grade 2 Mast Cell Tumor. Seth is handling the ordeal like a champ, but we still badly need donations to pay for his tumor removal and a new lease on life!


You’ll also never have to guess Leela’s mood since she’s quick to let you know she’s happy with a loud PURR. Unfortunately, the rare glaucoma in her eyes was so severe that both needed to be removed. Your donation helps pay for this surgery so blind Leela can get back to doing what she loves most: snuggling!


Skyline is super sassy and loves a good playdate, but a combination of constipation, parasites and diarrhea caused her to need an intense rectal prolapse surgery. Donations help get this playful lady back on her feet!

Any donation, no matter how small, helps these pets on their journey toward health and adoption. Please help us get these animals the care they need and find them their forever families! Thank you!

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