Earth Day Sale: 15% off Earth-Friendly Products 4/22-4/29

Earth Day happens in April and to celebrate the occasion, we’re offering an eco-friendly sale: Get 15% off earth-friendly products! Stop by the store between April 22-29 for this great discount!

Here are some of the items on sale:

Skout’s Honor Cleaner

Cleaning up after your pet probably calls to mind a bevy of harsh chemicals. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Thanks to Skout’s Honor products, you can keep your home clean and odor-free without all the toxic chemicals.

ALL Skout’s Honor products comply with the California Green Chemistry initiative. This means these cleaners are non-toxic and rapidly biodegradable. They won’t eat away at your floors and won’t later sit in a landfill for decades. The cleaners are eco-friendly and free from harsh substances like chlorine and formaldehyde.

Earth Rated Poop Bags

What’s in a name? Well, everything, when it comes to these poop bags. Earth Rated makes sure that their bags live up to their name. They are actually really eco-friendly and are a favorite here at the store. Their cores and packaging are made from recycled materials, so you know they’re earth-friendly. In fact, the bags themselves are made from vegetables and are BPI compostable.

In terms of performance, these bags hold up against the competition. Even though they are earth-friendly, they are TOUGH. The bags are thick, large and super durable. And no need to worry about spills since they’re also leak-proof. We sell ‘em in bulk packs, too, so you’ll never find yourself without a baggie!

Earth Rated carefully thought through their entire production and delivery cycle to make sure it’s as earth-friendly as possible. They recycle excess materials or reuse them in later production. They also have multiple warehouse locations. This decreases the necessary shipping distance, which in turn cuts down on shipping times and emissions.

Natural Flea & Tick

You don’t have to sacrifice effectiveness if you want to combat flea and ticks naturally. Natural Flea & Tick products do just that. And in Southern California, it’s super crucial to ward off parasites. Our warm weather means that flea and tick season is practically yearlong. When it comes to these parasites, the best offense is a solid defense. Get rid of them BEFORE they infest your home!

So what are you waiting for??? Embrace the spirit of Earth Day and take advantage of this great sale!