Free Monthly Dog Training Classes in Culver City

Where can I find dog training classes near me? And where can I find dog trainers near me? Better yet, where can I find FREE dog training classes near me?!

Does this sound like you? Well you’re in luck! Adopt & Shop is proud to offer a free dog training class in Culver City. Classes are on the fourth Sunday of every month, from 1-2 and 2:30-3:30 PM, and open to anyone who adopts a dog from one of our stores or adoption events.

Covered Topics

We’re partnering with Santa Monica Paws to bring you the information you need to live in harmony with your four-legged best friend. Sessions will focus on a new topic each month, including positive reinforcement training, leash skills, puppy training, anxiety, crate training, proper socialization, aggression, jumping and excessive barking.

The first hour of class covers how to make your new pooch feel at home with you. New environments are scary and taking certain steps can definitely ease this rough transition. The dog trainers will also talk about when it’s best to start taking your dog out and about in the community. You want your dog to make a good first impression and they’ll give you the tools you need to accomplish this. You’ll also learn how to establish good boundaries. Lastly, this portion of the class will cover two important skills: sit and stay!

The last 20 minutes of class feature a general Q&A period. You can ask the dog trainers specific questions that might only pertain to your pooch. After all, every dog has its own quirks. Then you’ll have the opportunity to speak to the trainers about your options for further training.


In order to attend a dog training class, customers must meet the following criteria:

  • Adopted a dog from either Adopt & Shop location or at our adoption events
  • The dog is up to date on all vaccinations
  • The dog is not aggressive toward other dogs

Meet the Dog Trainers

Santa Monica Paws is dedicated to helping shelter and rescue animals make a smooth transition to their new homes. Two of their expert trainers, Theresa Chern and Brad Dean, will apply their extensive knowledge to troubleshoot common new dog behavior issues.

Theresa Chern, ABCDT

Theresa uses scientifically proven and humane training methods. These methods include positive reinforcement techniques, basic and advanced obedience cues and calm assertive relationship and leadership skills. In addition, she designs animal behavior modification treatment plans to effectively problem solve more complex behavioral issues like biting, leash problems, fearfulness, resource guarding and separation anxiety.

Brad Dean, DTA

Brad is our other dog trainer. He stays current on his skills by educating himself and going to dog seminars, dog shows and pet expositions throughout each year. He would love to help you learn to handle your dog(s) so that you can begin to truly enjoy spending time with your best friend.

Space is limited to 8-10 dogs per classes so reserve your spot as soon as possible. Simply call our Culver City location at 310-933-6863!