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October 4, 2019

Halloween Pet Safety Tips: Trick or Treating

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red and the nights are getting chilly and brisk. Autumn is upon us, and Halloween is just around the corner! It’s time to buy pumpkins, figure out what your kids and your fur kids are going to dress as for trick or treating and brush up on some Halloween safety tips for pets. Every year, people become more creative at making elaborate costumes, and we get to see their cute pets all over social media. If you don’t make your pet wear a costume and accompany you while trick or treating, there are hazards even at home. When you were growing up, you heard scary warnings about razor blades hidden in candy and other dangers that trick or treating on Halloween can harbor. For our pets, the dangers during this time are all too real as well. Read on for some good Halloween pet safety tips. 

Open Doors

If you are staying home and handing out candy for trick or treat time, you may want to separate your pet into another area of the house so they don’t have the opportunity to bolt out of the door every time you open it. Pets getting loose on Halloween are at risk, due to the higher volume of people out and about, in addition to the presence of more vehicles on the road. Remember that most critters will hide when scared, which in turn makes it harder for their humans to find them. Get your pet microchipped and ensure your info is up to date in case they do become lost.


While you’re out trick or treating with the kids, it is a good Halloween pet safety tip to never leave Fido unattended with risky decorations. Dogs have been known to eat fake spider webs, gourds, pumpkins, decorative corn, and other festive accessories. Any foreign objects like these can block your pet’s digestive system and cause serious issues when you return home.

Candy and Chocolates

We all know chocolate is bad for our pets. But, there are plenty of other Halloween treats that can be dangerous to your pet as well. Xylitol, which is found in many hard candies, gum, and mints, is an artificial sweetener that is safe for humans to eat, but kills dogs every year. Even a small amount can be fatal, so as an excellent Halloween pet safety tip, be sure to never leave candy lying around. Raisins, found in the candy Raisinets, are also bad for pets and cause harm to the kidneys.


You can find adorable pet costumes in local stores and all over the internet for purchase. You can turn your cat into a pirate or make your dog a lion. There’s no denying how cute your pet can be, but never leave your pet unattended in their costume. Dangly parts and tie strings can easily get caught on things and choke your dog or cat in the process. While unlikely, this is a scary encounter no one should have to deal with, even on Halloween. 

Black Cats

If you own a black cat, there are still risks for your little monster. We love black kitties. But, be sure to guard them especially well in this time period to avoid any mistreatment or theft due to dated stereotypes. 

We hope these Halloween pet safety tips help you and your pet to have a safe and happy Halloween! Visit the Michelson Found Animals Foundation website for more pet advice, resources, and adoption services.