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December 19, 2017

The Dogs at Adopt & Shop Put on Sweaters and Wrote You a Poem

Oakley is a very happy chap

He loves to grin, play and nap

He wins the prize for biggest smile

And the one for holiday style.

Snowfall has big brown eyes

And tried this sweater on for size

He looks rather splendid in rosy red

All he wants is his own cozy bed.

This is Adopt & Shop’s Lady Jane

Her clothing choices are far from plain

She tucked a poinsettia behind her ear

And loves to keep her favorite human near.

The best things in life are often free

Or in this case, for an adoption fee

Come visit Godiva – she’s October’s twin sister

She’s such a sweet girl and no one can resist her.

Godiva and October look the same

Lots of love packed into their wee frame

They are tiny and support the adage

Great things come in a small package.

Come visit these pooches at Adopt & Shop

Make our store your last holiday stop

Lend a hand and give them a home

Because no one needs to spend the holidays alone!