Hemingway Cats Arrive at Adopt & Shop Culver City

(Said in our best Jack Nicholson voice) YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE CUTE! This week, polydactyl cats, commonly called Hemingway cats, arrived at Adopt & Shop. These Hemingway cats, or in this case Hemingway kittens(!), have extra toes that make their paws look like oversized mittens. If you’re looking to adopt a kitten or two, now is the time! We only have FIVE baby Hemingway kittens up for adoption: Ernest Hemingway, Mariel Hemingway, Margaux Hemingway, Hadley Hemingway and Jack Hemingway. Hurry and get to Adopt & Shop while they’re still available!

About the Hemingway Kittens at Adopt & Shop

Our first, and slightly older, litter has one female and two male Hemingway kittens. They appear to be shorthair, grey tabby cats. Right now they enjoy playing with each other and taking lots and lots of naps. The second polydactyl kitten litter has two females. These baby girls have a siamese appearance and also love playtime and napping.

How to Care for Your New Polydactyl Kitten

This physical anomaly is easy to care for and unlikely to cause health problems. In fact, owning a Hemingway cat is much like owning a regular cat. Just examine their paws regularly as you would with any kitten. Obviously claw maintenance might take an extra minute! Keep the claws clipped to avoid ingrowns and infections.

Hemingway Cats: A Brief History

Polydactyly is nothing more than a genetic anomaly. Sailors believed polydactyl cats had better “sea legs” that made them exceptional climbers. Crew brought these kitties on voyages both to control rodent populations and as good luck charms while at sea.

One such ship captain gifted American author Ernest Hemingway with an all-white polydactyl cat named Snow White. Upon Ernest’s death in 1961, the Hemingway House in Key West became the Hemingway Home and Museum, which has almost 50 cats. Nearly half of the Hemingway House population have polydactyly, hence the term “Hemingway cats.” These descendents of Snow White have nearly as much moxie as Ernest Hemingway himself, and safely weathered Hurricane Irma.

Again, make sure to visit Adopt & Shop while little Ernest, Mariel, Margaux, Hadley and Jack are still available for adoption. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates and squee-worthy photos!