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December 1, 2017

A Holiday Wishlist from Your Dog and Cat

Dear Human,

Hello, Mom and Dad. How are things? I thought I would check in since we’re nearing gift season. I think I’ve been a good pet this year (maybe even a great one?). And since I know it can be tricky finding presents for everyone on your list, I compiled my wishlist for you. Here are some cool things I found at Adopt & Shop that I would love to get this year!


goDog Chew Toys with Chew Guard Technology

Om nom nom nom cute chew toys for busy teefs om nom nom.

Up Country Kendall Plaid Dog Leash

My leash is looking a little worse for wear. Let’s replace the ragged old thing with something nice!

Puppia Soft Harness

I know I’m not always a perfect dog. Sometimes I pull on my leash. Get this super-comfy harness for me and it will make both our lives easier.


Walking Palm Natural Wool Cat Cave

I think it’s high time I got a place of my own. These are gorgeous and come in a bunch of colors so we can find one that matches the decor at home!

Kong Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher

If I could nap all day, I would, but otherwise I’ll be playing with this thing.

Primetime Petz Catysmile Backpack Cat Carrier

This is perfect for when we go on trips. This kitty likes to travel in style!

So get to Adopt & Shop ASAP. Chop chop!


Your BFF (Best Friend Furever)