How to Choose a Cat to Adopt

Picture it: You arrive at Adopt & Shop. You’re surrounded by dozens of the cutest felines you’ve ever seen. How do you choose? Should you get a cat or a kitten? One cat or two? What about their personality? Before you have a full-on panic attack, take a deep breath. We’re here to help. Our adoption counselors are on site to help you choose your furry soulmate. But before you head to the store, here’s a quick guide on choosing the right cat to adopt!

You: Super busy

Them: A Pair of Bonded Adult Cats

You might think you’re out of luck if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and still want a pet more affectionate than a goldfish. However, a pair of bonded adult cats might be the answer. Adult cats are far less work than kittens. They are generally already litter box trained and won’t smear poop and food all over themselves. And two grown cats that get along will keep each other occupied while you work long hours, go to Sunday brunch, get crushed at roller derby practice or whatever else you do.

You: A Dog Person

Them: Needy

Not all cats give people the cold shoulder. A lot of them are begging for attention and will spend hours in your lap. The best way to find this cat at Adopt & Shop is to set up a meet and greet with a cat or kitten that catches your eye. An adoption counselor will set the two of you up in one of the meet and greet rooms. Sit down and wait for the cat to approach you. If they immediately jump in your lap, then you’ve probably found the one. If they howl when you try to put them down, then you’ve DEFINITELY found the one!

You might also want to try the brush test. Brush the cat for 2-3 minutes, then stop. If the cat stays in your lap, then you’ve found your feline soulmate!

You: Not the Touchy-Feely Type

Them: Not the Touchy-Feely Type

There are people who desperately want physical affection from their pets. You just don’t happen to be one of them. You’d prefer a cat that will be more of an aloof roommate than a snuggle bunny. Go to Adopt & Shop and ask a team member about cats that are standoffish. These felines might have a rough past or haven’t had a lot of interaction with humans. Either way, these special needs cats will make the perfect pet.

You: Have a Pest Problem

Them: A Great Mouser

Looking for a cat that doubles as an employee? Then get a pet exterminator! While dogs may fetch sticks, cats are excellent at fetching mice, birds, moths and other pests. Just be warned that sometimes these vermin “presents” end up dropped on your pillow.

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