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October 21, 2019

3 DIY Pet Costume Ideas for Dogs and Cats

Are you having a virtual Halloween celebration this year? Don’t leave your pet out of all the fun! If you don’t have an old costume you can dust off for your pet, don’t fret! You can make your own in a snap. We have three, easy DIY pet costume ideas that are simple and fun. Check them out below:

Beanie Baby

If you’re of a certain age, you definitely remember the Beanie Baby craze. The telltale sign of a true Beanie Baby and not an imitation was in the tag. The Ty Warner (TY) tags on these floppy, cute bean-stuffed animals included the name, date of birth, and description of things they like or enjoy doing. For the ultimate in easy costume ideas, why not make your furry family member into a giant Beanie Baby?

For this project, find an image of the TY logo tag online, print it in the size you want, and cut it out. Go bigger for large animals, and smaller for toy dogs and cats. Next, fold a piece of cardstock in half and trace the tag so that you end up with a heart-shaped folding card. 

Glue the tag to the cardstock and put your pet’s details on the inside flap. Punch a hole in the corner and attach it to your pet’s collar. Be careful that it doesn’t get in your animal’s way, and you’re all done! Tie a Halloween-themed bandana around their neck for some extra pizazz.

The Lion’s Mane

The lion’s mane is a popular idea for a pet costume that was made famous by an Amazon commercial. While you can definitely find lion’s mane costumes for dogs and cats online, you can also do it yourself. All you need is a collar, or some elastic ribbon, and some tan or brown tulle, which is a ribbon-like material found at any craft store. Find the length that you want your lion’s mane to stick out too. Then, double it, add a little extra, and cut your tulle into strips. Tie the strips evenly around your collar or elastic ribbon until it looks good and full. If you are using an elastic ribbon, be sure it won’t be too tight around your pet’s neck. 

Spider Legs

Adding spider legs to your cat or dog is a creepy and fun way to dress your pet and maybe scare your friends. Keep in mind your feline friend may be less inclined to let this one happen, but it doesn’t hurt to try…

There are a lot of elaborate ideas for pet spider costumes online, but we’re going to keep it simple when we tell you how to make a spider costume for your dog or cat. 

Attach a spider decoration that has long legs to a pet harness that you already have. You can tie it, glue it, or sew it onto the harness. Another method would be to cut a brown or black piece of cloth into an oval shape and attach it to the harness so that it hangs down the pet’s sides. Then, use 4 giant pipe cleaner wires in the same color to form the 8 spider legs and attach them in the center of the harness.