Dog Grooming at Lakewood Adopt & Shop

As humans, we understand the importance of grooming ourselves and maintaining good hygiene. It helps us stay healthy, and gives us more confidence. With this understanding in mind, it is equally important to frequently groom and clean your pet. It’s important for your pet’s health, and your health. Why let your dog get dirty and carry around germs when you would never do that yourself? Luckily for you, Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop offers a series of dog grooming services for the Lakewood area, specifically tailored to serve various hygiene needs of all breeds of dogs. Our Lakewood location is more than happy to trim your dog’s nails, clean ears, and remove hair in the ears. These are fundamental grooming practices and should be done about once a month.

Adopt & Shop is happy to provide full-service dog grooming services as well as quality products like dog collars in Lakewood. Our team is dedicated to the health, hygiene, and happiness of every animal we encounter. We are always careful, thorough, and gentle to ensure that your dog has a positive experience while being carefully groomed and gently pampered! Trust our team with the health and hygiene of your dog. We believe it is fundamentally important for all owners to understand how critical it is to frequently groom your dog.

Contact us to learn more about our services as dog groomers in Lakewood, and the ways we can help your dog stay healthy and clean. We are also happy to groom and service your cats and kittens! Ask our team for more information.

À La Carte Services
Ear Cleaning$8
Ear Hair Removal$8
Teeth Brushing$10
Nail Clip$10
Anal Gland Expression$10
Flea Treatment & Application$15
À La Carte Bundles*
Any 2 À La Carte Services of $10 or more15% OFF
Any 3 À La Carte Services of $10 or more25% OFF

*All services must be $10 or more value and be completed in the same grooming session. Some restrictions apply

Please note: Even the best pets can have a bad day and act out during their grooming session. Unfortunately, there are some issues that really cause problems and impact the daily schedule for other guests. Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop reserves the right to charge a fee in such instances. Thank you for understanding.

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