Managing Pet Separation Anxiety During Holiday Travels

Pet separation anxiety can affect animals. Bless them, they just don’t understand that you would never really leave them for good. They may be destructive when you’re gone by digging or chewing at doors and windows. They may pace, whine, tremble, bark, or use the potty inside your home. When your pet has separation anxiety, it may be best to just take them with you as much as possible. These tips will help you and your pet when traveling during the holidays.

Stress Relief for Dogs and Cats  

Luckily for your pet, there are stress relief options for dogs and cats. CBD oil-infused pet treats are very popular today and you can easily buy them online. CBD oil is a medicinal part of cannabis that won’t get your pet high. The CBD oil acts to relieve stress and anxiety helps with moderate pain, inflammation, arthritis and joint pain, epileptic seizures, nausea, and symptoms of cancer in pets. It is completely all-natural and safe for pets and will help them relax from stressful events like traveling. 

Your vet will also be able to prescribe stronger medications that will help them sleep and keep them calm for long road trips, plane rides, or trains rides. Call your vet to discuss the options they normally give to pets for stress or separation anxiety.

Give Them Exercise 

If medications aren’t your thing, there are a few other things you can do to give your cat or dog some stress relief before traveling. Deplete their energy levels so they are too tired to worry about anything. For dogs, you can walk them, play fetch, or take them to a nearby dog park and let them run around and play with the other dogs for an hour or so. Cats are a bit trickier to force the energy out of them, but you can use a laser pointer, string, or other toys to get them active. You want to get your pet to the point where they just want to sleep for the whole trip. That way, their pet separation anxiety doesn’t even have the chance to surface while you’re packing the car.   

Use a Trusted and Familiar Pet Sitter

For some pets with separation anxiety, a temporary sitter may be the best option. Using a pet sitter that they are familiar with is recommended. If you don’t have friends or family available, you can get them use to being kenneled well before your travel. Start off slow, and take them into the kennel for 2-3 hours of doggie daycare. Do this several times to get them used to the kennel’s staff and being away from you. Talk to the staff about your dog’s situation and ask for frequent updates on your pet’s behavior while they are in the kennel’s care. When you and your pet are comfortable, try kenneling them for a whole day. Hopefully, you can work your pet up to conquering their separation anxiety. 

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful for anyone, not just pets. Remember that this is a time to relax and enjoy time spent with family and friends. Visit Adopt & Shop’s blog for more resources on taking the best care of your pet. Or, stop by our stores for some holiday pet goodies