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April 19, 2018

Long-Term Adoptables: Garbanzo

Every soon-to-be adopter thinks to themself I just want a dog that’s cute, sweet and a little bit like Mr. Magoo.

Okay, well maybe not. But hey, why not?!

We’re total fans of blind dogs who often overlooked at shelters, even though they make excellent family pets. And right now we’re looking for a home for one of our favorite blind pooches, Garbanzo. He’s cute, sweet and definitely a lot like Mr. Magoo.

Garbanzo came to Adopt & Shop at the beginning of March and we instantly fell in love. We suspect this unique pup is a mix of Cattle Dog and Collie. Maybe there’s some Australian Red Heeler thrown in there too. He’s a medium-large dog and weighs about 35 lbs. We just think he’s the cutest thing on four legs and adore his brown and white fur. His coloring almost makes him look like Lassie’s short-haired cousin.

What we truly adore about Garbanzo, though, is his personality. He’s 95% blind and 100% puppy. He’s got that joie de vivre that we just love in puppies. He is very energetic and lives for playtime. He’s also a big sweetie and loves attention from his humans. Garbanzo is full of love and very affectionate.

So why hasn’t he been adopted yet? Good question! We’re not entirely sure since he’s truly a fantastic pup. We think some people are scared off by his blindness. He does have a very tough time seeing. He’s almost completely blind and will eventually lose all of his eyesight. We suspect Garbanzo is blind from being a distemper survivor. It might also be caused from receiving a rabies vaccine at too young an age. However, his blindness isn’t a huge problem. It doesn’t stop him from leading a very full life.

Garbanzo’s ideal family will lead an active lifestyle so he can get plenty of exercise. He does well with other dogs who also enjoy playtime. If he gets a doggie sibling, they need to enjoy rough playtime since Garbanzo is the rough-and-tumble type. Another pup at home can also help him get around. Even blind dogs benefit from guide dogs! We are also looking for adopters with a little bit of patience. Garbanzo is sometimes easily startled, so his new family needs to take things slow.

Special training for blind dogs would also be very beneficial. Some sessions with a dog trainer would greatly help him lead the fullest life possible. And, of course, give him lots of time with other dogs.

Does Garbanzo sound like the dog for you? Stop by the store today and schedule a playdate. We promise you won’t be disappointed!