Long-Term Adoptables: Syrup

Here at Adopt & Shop, we’re experts in finding homes for pets. We have cats and dogs, big and small, with all different personalities. And we specialize in matching them with the perfect furever family.

But every once in a while, we get a pet that’s… well… a tough nut to crack. Potential adopters aren’t exactly drawn to these animals and they end up staying with us at the store for several days, months or even years. The reasons vary. Maybe they have special physical needs or they just aren’t very good at first impressions.

Syrup falls into the latter category. She’s adorable, but she is the utter worst at first impressions. And it’s too bad, because once you get her out of a shelter setting, this doggie really shines.

To say that Syrup doesn’t excel at drawing in potential adopters is quite possibly the overstatement of the century. When she’s not yapping her head off at passersby, she’s snarling at folks as they walk past her doggie condo. She doesn’t do great during meet and greets either, and sometimes freaks out when our staff pulls her out of her condo.

So Why the Heck Should I Adopt Her?!

We promise we wouldn’t have written this article if we didn’t believe Syrup could make a really terrific pet. Here’s the main problem: Syrup just doesn’t do well at Adopt & Shop. Our pets really improve after we pull them from other shelters. They get more TLC at Adopt & Shop and they find the environment at our store to be wayyyyyy less stressful.

Unfortunately Syrup really seems to be the exception. She just isn’t flourishing with us. It’s hard be a little dog around lots of scary new people, sights and sounds, ya know? Syrup finds the whole experience a little too overwhelming.

So how do we know she’s a good dog? Our daytripper program!

Volunteers and staff sometimes take our dogs for a day. This helps us further evaluate their personality and get a better idea of how they’d do with a family once adopted. And Syrup does awesome outside of the shelter!

This cutie truly thrived on her day trip. Our teammate, Megan, said she was a real joy to have along on adventures. Syrup loved the beach and went from snarling to sweet as pie. She’s an affectionate little dog who really shines after she gets to know people a little better.

In fact, Syrup is a surprisingly well-rounded pooch. She does great with other small dogs and is a brave little explorer who enjoys new adventures and outings. She’s playful and loves toys (and snacks!). She is also great on a leash and dazzles folks with her adorable spinning.

The Bottom Line

This little dog is a completely different animal once you take her out of the shelter setting and give her a few minutes to warm up to you. It’s so easy to get along with Syrup. Sit with her in our meet and greet area for a half hour or so and she’ll walk right up to you and sit down. That’s all. Otherwise she’s a great all-around pup who will make a loyal best friend for life. If you’re looking for a dog who will love you forever, then Syrup is the perfect pet for you! Syrup just needs that special someone who will take those extra few minutes until she relaxes and lets her guard down.

Are YOU that special someone? Come into the store to meet Syrup today!