Your New Dog Shopping List

You just adopted a new dog or puppy! Yay! …Wait… now what? Now you need to buy essential supplies to keep your new best friend happy and healthy. Here are our favorite items for new dog owners – all of which are available at Adopt & Shop. There’s lots more to buy, but these are basics that you absolutely must have!

Up Country Collar

Keep your dog safe – and stylish! These great collars from Up Country accomplish both. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. If you want to stick to basics, solid colors are also available.

Up Country Leash


Three dog leashes with different patterns

So you found the perfect collar. Now you can get a matching leash! These Up Country leashes come in the same patterns as the collars, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can mix and match!

ID Tags


Metal dog tags in different shapes and colors

Even if you think your dog will never get lost, mistakes sometimes happen. Guests might leave a door ajar or your pooch will get spooked by a loud noise. The easiest way for a dog to find their way back home is with external ID. Engrave a dog tag with your furry pal’s name and your phone number.

3.5 Cup Elevated Pet Diner by Petrageous Designs


Dog food and water bowls in a black stand

Take mealtime to a new level – literally and figuratively. This elevated pet diner by Petrageous Designs comes with a number of perks. It keeps pet bowls off the floor for easier clean up and closer to your animal’s chompers for easier eating. The Pet Diner also reduces rattling for a quieter, more peaceful dining experience. It’s looks pretty slick with a vibrant coated powder finish – and will match any kitchen decor.  Lastly, this item is built to resist wear. It’s scratch-, chip-, fade- and rust-resistant.

Essential Elements Flea & Tick

Bottle of flea and tick dog shampoo

Flea and tick shampoo is a a great item to have on hand when you adopt a pet – especially if you live in a warm climate like Southern California. SoCal doesn’t have cold winters that kill off fleas and ticks so your dog is more prone to infestations. Luckily this yummy-smelling shampoo has your (fuzzy) back.

The Poopcase by Metropaws

Don’t be the person that doesn’t pick up after their pet. Make sure you always pick up your pet’s waste because no one likes a lazy dog-owning neighbor. With this dispenser, you’ll never forget a poop bag. It has a sleek modern design and comes in a number of fun colors.

Smooches Bite-Size Cookies

Bag of Smooches bite-size dog cookies

Om nom nom nom nom treats om nom nom. The most effective and humane way to train your dog is with positive reinforcement. This means that instead of punishing your pooch for misbehaving, you reward them for good behavior. The easiest way to reinforce a positive habit is with treats!

Stop by the store today. Our staff and volunteers are happy to help you choose the perfect items. They’re super knowledgeable and will know exactly what you need to turn your dog’s house into a home. And remember: Every dollar you spend goes toward rescuing more homeless cats and dogs!