New Year’s Eve Must-Haves at Adopt & Shop

New Year’s Eve can be a night fraught with stress if you are a pet owner. Lots of guests and fireworks might spell trouble for a skittish cat or dog. There are plenty of opportunities for your fur-friend to dash out the door. Then loud noises from crowds or fireworks might cause shaking and howling.

So what’s a person to do? Go to Adopt & Shop! We’re here to rescue you from New Year’s Eve perils and provide solutions for holiday troubles. With the right items, you and your four-legged family member can have a happy and safe night.


First make sure your pet is microchipped. Doing so significantly increases your chances of reuniting with your dog or cat if the two of you are ever separated. Our Culver City location provides affordable microchipping. Plus Found Animals has a no-cost microchip registry. This means you can register your pet’s microchip and update their profile at any time for free.

External ID

The easiest way for your pet to get back to you is with external ID. Adopt & Shop has ID tags in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. And we’ll even engrave your ID tag immediately and in a matter of seconds. We recommend engraving the tag with your pet’s name and your phone number.


Obviously you also need to hang the ID tag off of a collar. We carry several different collars for both cats and dogs. We especially love Coastal Collars and Up Country Collars. They come in a variety of colors, patterns and special materials like bamboo. We also sell ElastaCat Cat Safety Collars and Safe Cat Fashion Breakaway Collars.


If people will be frequently entering and exiting your home on New Year’s Eve, you might want to put your pet on a leash. We carry a wide range of leashes. Try cute Up Country or Aspenpet Leashes. We also offer Mendota Products Slip Leashes.


We also offer harnesses if your pets tend to slip out of a collar easily. The Coastal Comfort Wrap Harness is a great inexpensive option. If your dog or cat seems uncomfortable in a basic harness, try Puppia and Catspia harnesses. These mesh harnesses are super soft.


Create a soothing environment for your pet with a cozy bed. Small dogs and cats will feel right at home with Aspenpet Pet Bedding. Dogs love the ultraplush Snoozzy Bed and cats enjoy the comfort of hiding in a Walking Palm Natural Wool Pet Cave or Petrageous Crinkle Caves. Add a Godog stuffed animal into the mix and your pet might totally forget they were ever afraid of fireworks or houseguests. We’re a big fan of these soft dinosaur toys!


Nothing terrifies some animals like New Year’s Eve fireworks (okay, maybe the vacuum cleaner!). Luckily just putting a ThunderShirt on your pet might be all it takes to soothe them. This product works similarly to a comforting hug and calms pets down during fireworks and thunderstorms.

Happy New Year from all of us at Adopt & Shop!