5 New Year’s Eve Safety Tips for Pets & Their People

Nothing kicks off the new year like a wild party, fireworks and in some parts, the sounds of guns firing! While it may be fun for you and your fellow revelers, it’s not fun for your pet and can also be unsafe too. Let us help you navigate this New Year’s Eve with a few safety tips that can help your pets. 

Keep Your Pet Inside

The sound of fireworks and loud party-goers can be terrifying for your pet. It literally sounds like the world is ending to them – so try to keep them inside starting at dusk. When your dog needs to go potty, make sure you keep them secure and on a leash at all times. This will reduce the likelihood of them getting spooked and running off. 

Microchip & Register Your Pet

When the party is at your house, guests will be going in and out, and the door will open and close a lot throughout the night. Tipsy guests can be a bit more careless than usual, and it is possible that someone will accidentally let your cat or dog out. Getting your pet microchipped and registered ahead of time will help safeguard them from getting lost in the future. If your pet is already microchipped, be sure their registry information is up to date.

Grab Some CBD Oil Infused Treats

Ease your pet’s anxiety with a little help from cannabinoids. With the CBD oil craze in full swing, you can now get cat and dog treats infused with it. They will medically help to calm your pet and basically chill them out. If you think you need something with a more powerful effect, talk to your vet about anti-anxiety medications and other safety tips for stressed pets on New Year’s Eve. 

Find a Safe Zone

While some pets love being the center of attention at a party, others don’t like attention from strangers. Your pets can grow anxious or even aggressive, and that’s a huge buzzkill for everyone involved! Pets who prefer one on one attention will feel safer and more secure in their own private space. This may be in their crate or just another room of the house that party people are not using. Give them something they can keep busy with, like a treat-dispensing toy or dog bone.

Comfort Your Pet

Sometimes a parent’s love and affection are just what the doctor ordered. Hold your pet, massage them and just keep them close. Let them have extra comforts tonight, like sleeping in your bed if they normally don’t. Give them extra treats and your best ‘thunder shirt’ style hugs to make them feel secure. And don’t forget to have a Happy New Year!