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March 16, 2018

Next on Rocky Kanaka’s Dog’s Day Out: Herschel from Adopt & Shop!

Adopt & Shop is ecstatic to announce that Rocky Kanaka has chosen the next pup he’s featuring on his show “Dog’s Day Out.” And who’s the lucky pooch? Our very own Herschel!

Rocky Kanaka is an Emmy-nominated TV host, entrepreneur and animal welfare advocate who uses his fame to better the lives of deserving dogs. His YouTube series, Dog’s Day Out, follows Rocky on his quest to find furever homes for rescue pooches. He picks sweet dogs who, through no fault of their own, are “hard to adopt.”

Seriously a Gorgeous Dog!

Next up on Rocky’s show is our Herschel. We can’t help but gush when we talk about this 100-pound stunner. Herschel is quite the looker. He’s a German Shepherd mix with long fur. Somebody get this guy a modeling contract stat, okay? The long coat makes him look even bigger than 100 pounds – that’s probably where he gets his nickname, “Bear.”

And He’s Also a Sweetie

And this gentle giant has such a great personality too! He’s sweet and playful. This huge pooch was born to cuddle! He’s no scary grizzly bear, but he’s definitely 100% teddy bear. He’s incredibly sweet and loves giving his humans lots of affection. When you first meet Herschel, his size might give you pause. But within seconds who realize he’s the sweetest thing on four legs and there’s no reason to fear him.

Why Hasn’t He Been Adopted Yet?

So what’s stopping Bear from finding a family?! Well, he’s had a rough past. It hasn’t made him mean but he sometimes struggles with tasks, just like a puppy would. He’s been surrendered twice. He doesn’t like barriers much and isn’t a fan of coming back into the shelter after a walk. And since he was left chained in someone’s backyard, he isn’t used to some everyday things like vacuums. His teeth are also worn down from chewing on a chain for so long.

Herschel’s new owner should know that he obviously has hang-ups, but he’s a terrific dog. He has a ton of energy and would do well with an active family or maybe an owner who could leave him in daycare during the day. After a life of isolation, he deserves lots of love and attention. His long fur also requires regular grooming. And we’ve already seen such amazing things from Herschel. He knows commands like “Sit” and “Paw,” so he’s a good learner and we’re certain he’ll flourish with a loving family.

You can watch Rocky’s Herschel video here. And if you’re won over by Herschel, just like we are, you can apply for adoption here!