Pet Memorials: How to Celebrate a Past Pet

Pets give us so much love during their very short lifetimes that it only makes sense we want to keep them close in memory after they die. So how can you pay proper tribute to your very best friend after they pass on? There are many options for pet memorials. Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate past pets.

Pet Memorial Service

A simple way to hold a pet memorial is to light a candle and say a few words about the animal. You can invite friends and family — anyone whose life was touched by your pet. Depending on your beliefs, you might want to read a religious text or even a poem. Then folks can take turns scattering your pet’s ashes. There’s no right or wrong way to hold a pet memorial. If you prefer to have the service by yourself, that’s okay too!


Another way to celebrate the life of a past pet is to commission a painting of them. This way you’ll be reminded of the love you shared every time you walk by whichever wall you choose for the painting. We recommend getting an artist you love to do the painting. If you don’t know any painters, you can always try searching Etsy. That site has a number of different artists who all have their own unique style so you can find the one that best captures your pet’s personality.


After a pet passes away, you feel like they’re gone and so you want a piece of them with you always. And what do you never leave the house without? Your keys! Getting a special keychain made up is a great way to always have your pet’s memory close at hand. Every time you turn on your car or unlock your front door, you’ll remember that for a few precious years, you had a relationship with an animal like no other. These keychains can be engraved with your pet’s name, pawprint or portrait. You can also choose to include the dates of your animal’s birth and death.


For folks who end up burying their pet or scattering their pet’s ashes in their yard, a personalized stone is a popular option for memorializing their loved one. These stones range from looking like gravestones to actual large pebbles that you can hold in the palm of your hand. You can have them customized with your pet’s name, date of birth and death and even a portrait of their face.


After holding a pet memorial, some people like to have a special necklace made. This way, their pet can be close to their heart — literally and figuratively. The necklace can have your pet’s name or be personalized with their pawprint on it. Some can even be commissioned to have a photorealistic portrait of your pet.

However you choose to hold a pet memorial or hold your pet’s memory is deeply personal. And while we understand that you are probably experiencing quite a bit of grief, we hope you’ll also remember to celebrate the deep love that you and your pet shared!