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Fat Cat Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger


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Everyone knows that cats love to scratch. With the Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger from Fat Cat, you can make sure your favorite feline has something to sink her claws into—other than your favorite futon, that is. This natural sisal scratching pad hangs on any doorknob in your home, so your kitty can rub her feet and manicure her claws whenever she purr-leases. This helps to keep your cat’s claws healthy while giving her an outlet to stretch and tone her muscles. Plus, the subtle door-hang design takes up much less space than your standard scratching post or cat tree. When she’s allowed to act on those natural scratching behaviors, she may be less likely to exercise her claws on other surfaces in your home. And, unlike those other surfaces, the Scratchy Mat contains organic catnip, which can draw your cat in—telling her to scratch here, not there.

Key Benefits

  • This natural sisal surface gives your cat a safe place to scratch indoors.
  • Easily hangs on any doorknob, so you can have a Scratchy Mat anywhere in your house.
  • Includes a removable feather toy, which is great for batting and swatting during playtime.
  • Made with catnip, this scratcher is designed to attract your kitty and encourage her to keep coming back.
  • Giving your cat a more ideal outlet for her scratching instincts may keep her from scratching other items in your home—like your furniture, doors and carpets.