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OurPets Cosmic Alpine Scratcher




  • Cosmic Catnip Alpine Climb Cat Scratcher is the first economical scratcher that places the scratching block in an inclined position so the cat can climb and stretch as it scratches
  • Two large holes are cut into the sides, which allows your cat playful access to the toy that hangs inside
  • Cardboard has long been recommended as an economical scratcher that trains the cat away from rugs and furniture
  • The corrugated texture provides the feel of nature for the cat
  • It has holes to allow the cat to sink his claws into the scratcher (instead of your furniture) to clean his claws
  • Since most people do not have corrugate lying around the house, it quickly becomes the scratching spot
  • Catnip treated with Cosmic Catnip for your cat’s quick appreciation
  • Beautiful 4 color all sides graphic raises this standard to new heights of presentation
  • The scratcher block is reversible, so when your cat scratches halfway through, just flip it over for a fresh surface