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OurPets The Wave Curved Cat Scratcher




Make waves when it comes to meeting your kitty’s scratching needs with the OurPets The Wave Curved Cat Scratcher. Scratching is a daily necessity for cats, as it supports healthy claws and paws by helping your pal shed the outer nail layer. Your kitty will love the tight nooks and crannies on the corrugated surface, making it the purrfect place for everyday scratching—instead of your furniture! It also comes with a packet of North-American-grown catnip that’s sure to make claw grooming time even more exciting. When your pal is not scratching, the wave design makes for a perfect place to stretch, lounge and snooze. Plus, when one side starts to show wear, simply turn over for a fresh scratching.

Key Benefits

  • Keeps kitties from scratching your furniture and helps groom claws daily.
  • Nooks and crannies help your pal shed outer nail layer to support healthy paws and claws.
  • Includes one packet of North-American-grown catnip to make scratching more appealing.
  • Wave design makes it the perfect place for your kitty to lounge, stretch, or sleep.
  • Reversible with two corrugated surface sides for more long-lasting scratchability.

What’s Included

1/2 oz bag of Catnip.