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PureVita Salmon & Pea – 5 lbs


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This delicious and protein-packed formula from Pure Vita is bursting with superfoods that offer your dog an amazing blend of nutrients. Pure Vita Grain Free Salmon & Peas Dog Food combines the many benefits of salmon with antioxidant-rich berries and the healthy carbohydrates of sweet potatoes in place of grains. This food is a perfect solution for pet owners dealing with food-sensitive pets, and one you can trust based on Pure Vita’s long experience and high standards for quality.

Many dogs who are affected by food allergies or a sensitive stomach do very well on Pure Vita Grain Free Salmon & Peas Dog Food for several reasons. For one, on top of being a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and many other vitamins and minerals, salmon is proven to keep allergies under control in dogs. The fact that salmon is the single source of protein in this mix makes it easy for pet owners to avoid the ingredient that bothers their dog. Another reason sensitive dogs enjoy Pure Vita Grain Free Salmon Sweet Potatoes & Berries Dog Food is the generous helping of antioxidants they get in each meal from the cranberries and blueberries included. Finally, whole ingredients and natural preservatives both factor in to make this food exceptionally easy on your dog’s system.

Pure Vita knows how devoted pet owners are to their dog’s health, which is why the company is devoted to quality in the manufacturing process of Pure Vita Grain Free Salmon & Peas Dog Food. Several established systems ensure that Pure Vita dog food is nutritious, wholesome and safe during every stage of production. Ingredients from well-known suppliers are tested before entering the Pure Vita plant and confirmed to meet all the pre-established standards. Samples are taken from every batch of dog food and tests are run continually to ensure that every bag is exactly the same. The final test is the taste test: Pure Vita products are enjoyed by animals from a reputable kennel to guarantee palatability, appeal and long-term health benefits.

With 50 years of pet food manufacturing experience, Pure Vita offers this excellent food option for the discerning dog owner. Pure Vita Grain Free Salmon & Peas Dog Food is a delicious and healthy choice for dogs of any age or breed.