The 10 Best Dog-Friendly Hikes in Los Angeles

One of the best parts of living in Los Angeles is all the amazing hiking trails. Even though it’s an urban paradise, LA is home to some of the best trails in Southern California. Here are the 10 best dog-friendly hikes in Los Angeles!

Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon is THE place to go hiking in Los Angeles. It draws tourists, dogs and celebrities alike — and for good reason. Runyon has excellent views of the LA Basin and Hollywood Sign. Pups are free to hike the trail as long as they are on leash and there’s also a special off-leash area. Just know that this trail is super popular so it can see a lot of foot traffic!

Zuma Canyon Ocean View

If gorgeous oceanside vistas are more your speed, then you should check out the Zuma Canyon Ocean View Trail. It features views of both the Pacific Ocean and Zuma Canyon and forms a three-mile loop.

Elysian Park

Elysian Park is an easy hike and only 2.4 miles long. While finding parking can be difficult, it’s worth it, since this lesser known spot doesn’t receive much foot traffic. We always recommend putting on sunscreen, but Elysian Park has plenty of shade and features lots of terrific views of downtown.

Upper Canyonback Ridge

Upper Canyonback Ridge runs through Mulholland Drive and Mountain Gate Country Club. Like many of the other hikes on our list, it’s only three miles long. This trail actually features both a thin single track and a wide fire road so you can choose whichever trail you prefer.


The Seascape trail is easy and only two miles in length, but features breathtaking views of the ocean. Since it’s a simpler hike, it’s family-friendly and won’t be too taxing for kids. The trail even takes you by tide pools, which you can explore for marine life.

Bronson Canyon

Nanananananana Batcave! Bronson Canyon boasts no ordinary cave, but the actual one use in the 1960s Batman series with Adam West. The Batcave is a 50-foot long tunnel and an absolute must for hikers who are fans of the show.

Cahuenga Peak and the Wisdom Tree

Cahuenga Peak is a bit more rugged than some of the other hiking trails mentioned so it doesn’t attract quite as much foot traffic as, say, Runyon Canyon. The hike is only three miles and will take you by the magnificent Wisdom Tree. There you can leave wishes in a box right beside the tree. Maybe they’ll come true!

Temescal Canyon

This wooded trail is one of the most popular in the Santa Monica Mountains. Several trails are available so you can pick one that best matches your hiking skill level. Be sure to pay attention to trail signs. Not all areas are open to pups and you need to keep your dog on a leash for the duration of your hike.

Fryman Canyon

The Fryman Canyon Loop is three miles long and rests in the Hollywood Hills in Studio City. Dogs have to stay on leash and the trail is both a dirt road and later a paved residential street. All in all, it’s a pretty easy hike with only 450 feet of elevation gain.

Eaton Canyon Natural Area

Maybe ignore TLC’s advice just this once and go chasing waterfalls at Eaton Canyon Natural Area park. Make sure your dog stays on a leash and go toward the trailhead at the north end of the parking lot. Hike the marked main path of the Eaton Canyon Trail to the junction marked “Waterfall” and you’ll be well on your way.

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