The 7 Best Dog-Friendly Bars and Breweries in Los Angeles

It’s time for Oktoberfest! And that means cooler weather, tons of good food and oodles of BEER! So where’s a good place in Los Angeles to grab a drink with your dog? After all, the only thing better than going out for a beer, is going out for a beer with your furry best friend. Here are seven of the best dog-friendly bars and breweries in Los Angeles.

The Morrison

The Morrison is located in Atwater Village. This pub only has a narrow patio, but what sets this bar apart from the rest of our favorite dog-friendly bars is how they treat their doggy guests. The Morrison boasts a Doggy Menu with $6 dishes specially prepared for our canine friends. Selections include simple hamburger with rice and chicken with rice. Plus, each pooch also gets their own water bowl to sip from while you enjoy your beer. They’ll even get some Milkbones!

6th & La Brea Brewery & Restaurant

6th & La Brea is smack in the middle of Los Angeles and is perfect for a good time. While there are plenty of places to go and simply chill out with a drink, this place offers a bit more than that. 6th & La Brea has lawn games so you can get up off your butt and enjoy a little competition with your friends. This brewery also offers a pub menu and award-winning house beers.

The Idle Hour

Located in North Hollywood, The Idle Hour is another great place to spend… well… an idle hour! This bar is part of the 1933 Group of themed bars. It was restored and reopened in 2015 and offers a barrel-shaped taproom along with it’s dog-friendly patio. Human patrons will love snapping pics of their pooch by the giant pipe-smoking bulldog statue on the patio. They’ll also get a kick out of The Idle Hour’s selection of beer, cocktails and beer and shot combinations.

Angel City Brewery

Another must on your list of dog-friendly bars for you and your pup is Angel City Brewery. This local favorite offers pints, flights, special events and tours. And if you’re hungry, you’re free to bring in food from local restaurants. The brewery’s parking lot also usually has a food truck or two to choose from.

The Eveleigh

This spot is located off the Sunset Strip. And forget rock-hard concrete or tile. The Eveleigh has a patio that is pure Nirvana for pups and covered in astroturf! Your dogs will love running around and rolling on the stuff. Meanwhile, you can enjoy sipping your drink. This place has an excellent cocktail menu, including lemonade with tequila and a bottled gin and tonic. 

The Fat Dog

Head to this dog-themed gastropub for bowls of water and treats for your four-legged bestie. The Fat Dog has two locations for you to choose from in Fairfax and North Hollywood. They offer dog-friendly patios, as well as beer and yummy pub grub for humans. The Fat Dog does a delicious brunch on weekends from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. We also recommend you try the risotto. It’s delish!

Golden Road Brewing

Golden Road Brewing is last, but not least, on our list of dog-friendly bars and breweries in Los Angeles. This great spot features a pooch-friendly “doggie deck,” complete with umbrellas, water bowls and fake grass. They even have dog biscuits available for purchase. 

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