What Is Your Pet’s Love Language?

Love languages have been around for more than two decades and the theory goes that they are ways to show and feel love. There are five languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. Each person has one primary and secondary love language, but it’s been hypothesized that animals might have love languages as well. Read on to learn more!

Words of Affirmation

No, you’re not crazy. You don’t actually think you can speak fluent cat or dog and your animals can understand you as well. You’re not Dr. Dolittle. But your pets definitely respond positively when you say their names or praise them for good behavior. They might even respond back with a happy meow or howl. These animals will probably be easiest to train if you reward them with words of praise. Use a cheerful, slightly higher pitched voice when you say, “Good boy! Good girl!” This will make them happiest.

Acts of Service

Do you have a cat who is always “helping” you write emails? Does your dog take total delight in fetching you the paper? Or maybe your pup lives for obeying your commands in agility class or brightening someone’s day by being a therapy dog at a nursing home or children’s hospital? These are the animals who speak the love language of acts of service. Speak their language by helping them help others.

Receiving Gifts

Every day is your birthday or Christmas when you have a pet who speaks the love language of receiving gifts. These animals show their love by showering you in presents, whether you want them or not. In most cases, you probably don’t want them as they are usually drool-covered toys left at your feet, half-eaten treats left on your pillow and dead rats left on your doorstep. But ultimately? You know these gifts are acts of love so you wouldn’t change a thing. Show these animals that you love them in return by giving them treats or toys.

Quality Time

Animals whose love language is quality time need lots and lots of time with their owners. We like to call them “velcro” cats and dogs because they stick to their owners! These animals will follow you everywhere whether you like it or not, probably to and from every room of the house. They might even watch you when you’re in the bathroom. These animals probably don’t like being alone very much. If they’re well-behaved, they might make excellent office pets since they love being around people!

Physical Touch

You know your pet’s love language is physical touch when all they want in this world is a quality belly rub or scratch behind the ear. These pets live for physical affection. They might even offer you physical affection in return, like in the form of slobbery kisses on the face or rubbing against your legs while you try to cook something in the kitchen. Make sure you give these animals ample physical affection. They need plenty of pets, snuggles and cuddles!

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