What to Consider About Getting a Second Pet

Pet ownership is through the roof and one thing that many pet owners are considering is getting a second animal. There are several challenges and benefits to owning another pet. Before you run to your nearest shelter, there are a few things you need to think about. Here is our guide to getting a second pet!

Their Boredom Level

One of the big benefits of getting a second pet is alleviating your solo pet’s boredom level when you’re away from home or don’t have time to play with them. A bored cat or dog tends to pick up destructive habits, such as tearing up furniture, whining or aggression. Adding a second pet to your household can help cure these bad behaviors.

The Size of Your Home

Cats and dogs can be territorial and some may be protective of their living space. This may present a challenge when looking for a second animal. This problem can be especially challenging if your dog or cat has been an “only child” for quite some time.

In situations like these, take it slow when introducing animals to each other. When it comes to dogs, have them meet for the first time on neutral territory. Don’t introduce them in your home. Bring them somewhere neither of them is territorial, like the dog park or even just a random sidewalk. Have them go for a walk together.

As for cats, they also need to be introduced slowly. If your original cat is territorial of their space, keep your two cats separated at first. Then swap their toys so that they grow accustomed to each other’s scents. Don’t be alarmed if there’s some growling and hissing in the beginning. And make sure the cats have places where they can get out of each other’s hair… er… fur. Each cat can claim their own territory on cat trees and window sills.

Their Ages

Think about the age of your pet when looking into securing them a playmate. An older animal might struggle adjusting to a younger pal. That being said, two puppies or kittens can be perfect for each other since they have a similar energy level. You can even adopt a pair from the same litter so you’ll already know that they (probably) get along.

Your Budget

The last thing to consider when adding a second animal is the cost. Suddenly your budget needs to accommodate twice the cost of food, toys, veterinary care and more. If you’re tight on funds but still want to add another animal to your brood, consider fostering a pet!

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