Your Dog Treats Guide

Feeding dog treats to your pooch is such a pleasure. The ecstatic look on their faces, or with some dogs, the way their ears perk when just hearing the word “treat” is a delight. As dog owners, we love to make our dogs happy. When they’re happy, you’re happy! But giving your pup treats, doesn’t just have to be for fun. Treats and chews can also be beneficial.

Dog treats can have positive effects on your dog’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Whether you want to ease a distressed digestive system or soothe a sad pup, treats can be immensely useful. Which treats should you use? This all depends on your dog and what you wish to achieve.

And much of this info can be applied to cats as well! Woohoo!

Comfort Treats

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety or chronic boredom when they’re not with their owners. And let’s face it: Some of us don’t have the privilege to work from home and those that do still occasionally have to leave pets behind to run errands, have a tooth filled or go on a date. If your dog freaks out when you’re gone or gets super bored and gnaws on your couch, treats might be the solution for you.

In cases like these, you want to use treats that dogs can work on for a long period of time. These treats include hard chews or “bone” treats. Don’t use actual bones, though, as these can splinter and harm your dogs! You can also stuff toys with treats, such as peanut butter or a slice of cheese. Use toys that slowly dispense food or make it a little difficult for your dog to access the treat. This makes the toy more engaging and will likely keep your pup occupied for longer stretches of time.

As mentioned before, do not feed your dog actual bones. Also choose treats that have simple ingredients that aren’t difficult to spell or pronounce. Those will likely be easier on your pet’s stomach. Also only choose treats that are appropriate for your dog’s size and chew strength to avoid choking hazards.

Training Treats

No dog is perfect, but you can help eliminate negative behaviors with treats. Treats can also be used to teach your dog new tricks! Use treats as rewards when your dog does something good or doesn’t do something bad. This helps reinforce positive behavior. You’ll want to use small dry treats for training. This way your training session won’t get messy and your dog won’t overindulge because the treats will be bite-sized.

Healthy Dog Treats or “Functional Food”

There’s such thing as healthy dog treats. These are sometimes called “functional food” and can be used to help with a variety of ailments. They can also be used as supplements to avoid health problems down the road. For example, pumpkin treats can be used to ease an upset stomach. And some treats can even prevent dental or joint problems!

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