Your New Cat Shopping List

Adopt & Shop is true to its name and has everything you need to bring home a new feline friend. We have the animals, but we also have a huge inventory of new cat essentials.

Here are our favorite buys for brand-new cat parents – all of which are available at Adopt & Shop. And after you shop these basics, feel free to stock up on extra goodies!


One collar, two collar, red collar, blue collar. Is that a Dr. Suess book? Nope, it’s our inventory of cat collars. We’ve got a zillion of them and in every color and pattern you can imagine. We also carry ones made of earthy-friendly bamboo! Whether you’re feeling extra snazzy and want a technicolor dream collar or you feel like opting for classic solid black, we’ve got you collared. Ahem, covered.

Dog Tags… Er… Cat Tags

Cat tags are crucial. Even if your cat stays indoors, they might dash out the door, and the easiest way for them to be returned by a good samaritan is an ID tag. We recommend engraving it with your cat’s name and your phone number. We offer large and small cat tags in several colors and shapes. We even have special sports ones if you want to show off your LA pride!


Also make sure to grab at least a month’s supply of food. We carry different brands and flavors of dry and wet food. They’re sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.


Nobody likes to be bored – cats included. Stock up on tons of toys. We carry fake mice, feather toys and more.

Scratching Post

We would do anything for our cats, except maybe let them tear up our furniture. Scratching posts to the rescue! We offer them in a variety of shapes and materials. Feel free to ask our staff for recommendations!

Cat Caves

These are some of our favorite cat beds at the store. They’re the perfect balance of form and function. These cat caves provide a nice warm place for cats to “get away from it all.” And since they come in several color combos, they’ll match any decor.

Harness and Leash

More and more cat owners are discovering the joys of taking their kitties out for a walk. This is a great compromise for indoor cats that you think wouldn’t do well roaming free on their own. A harness and leash might be the answer if you worry about your cat getting lost. They get to explore the great outdoors while you can keep a close eye on them.


Oh yeah – that’s the stuff! Let your cat get their fix with our wide array of catnip products. We carry plain catnip as well as catnip-stuffed toys. Definitely check out our catnip-stuffed banana toys. They’ll drive your cat wild (or shall we say bananas?) and in the meantime, look pretty darn cute!

So stop on by the store today. We have everything you need as a new cat owner. Plus, you can go, “Awwww!” at all our adoptable cats and kittens!